GLS Lightspeed plug-in: shipping convenience for Lightspeed customers

GLS Lightspeed plug-in

The GLS Lightspeed plug-in is a convenient way to link your webshop to Lightspeed. Do you have a webshop and use Lightspeed? Then choose our GLS Lightspeed integration and link quickly, easily and for free. With this plug-in, you simplify complex work processes and get more done in less time. You have access to all GLS products and services that support you in having your orders delivered through the right channels on time and at the right location.

The benefits of a GLS Lightspeed integration:

  • Automatically import your Lightspeed orders into the GLS shipping portal.
  • Provide your customers with a track & trace e-mail about the status of the order.
  • Offer your customers a choice in GLS parcel shop, Saturday delivery or express delivery in the check-out.
  • Save time and money thanks to automation.

Getting started with a GLS Lightspeed plug-in

Then download the manual for the GLS Lightspeed integration. It will guide you through installing the plug-in step-by-step.

Download the guide