FAQ LabelLite Desktop

Take a look at our frequently asked questions with answers that might be of interest to you as a user of LabelLite Desktop.

It is possible that a Dutch postal code is missing in LabelLite. You can add it manually via the menu. To do so go to Bestand > Nieuw > Postcode.

Enter the postal code, city, street and house number sequence here. If necessary, use https://www.postcode.nl/ to obtain these details.

Please note: it is not possible to enter an even and odd house number sequence in a postcode.

If you use a laser printer, you can use an A4 sheet with two or four labels. When using a thermal printer you can only choose labels with the size 100 x 150 mm.

Labels for LabelLite can be ordered at the GLS customer service.

Zebra DA402 – LP 2844-Z – GK420
Turn on the printer and press the Feed button for a few seconds. The green status light will flash a few times in a specific order. The order for setting the print width is five times:

* *
* * *
* * * *
* * * * *

The print width will be calibrated. While the status light blinks green and yellow, a series of stacked rectangles are printed on the label. If the outer border rectangle is printed at 100 mm from the label, press and release the Feed button. The label width is saved.

Zebra-model ZD420
Press and hold the PAUSE and CANCEL buttons for two seconds, then release them. The printer measures a few blank labels and feeds them through. Calibration is complete as soon as the printer stops and the indicator light is constantly on.

Thermal printers
Most modern labelprinters can be used for LabelLite. For a proven and guaranteed operation GLS recommends the following labelprinters:

  • Datamax (class A, E, I, M, W)
  • Intermec C4
  • Intermec PC4
  • Zebra DA402
  • Zebra GK420
  • Zebra LP 2844-Z
  • Zebra Z4Mplus
  • Zebra ZD420
  • Zebra ZM400

Laser printers
Almost all laser printers are suitable for use with LabelLite.

A UNI-SHIP label will be printed if a connection to our servers is temporarily not possible. This is why the data for a standard shipping label cannot be retrieved.

You can use this shipping label for your shipment. Please contact the ICT service desk if a UNI-SHIP label is printed more often.

The Parcel shipping list will be printed after the closing of the day. This list can be used as proof that the parcel has been picked up and must be signed by the GLS driver. This Parcel shipping list is intended for personal use.

The Freight dispatch list will be printed twice. One copy must be signed by the GLS driver; this copy is for personal use. The other copy must be given to the GLS driver.

Unfortunately you cannot remove a Pick&Return or Pick&Ship order yourself. Please contact the planning department of your depot to have it removed manually.

In order to use LabelLite, an internet connection is required. Security settings may require your network or system administrator to release the following host names and ports:

Shipping systemHost name:Port:
Parcelunibox.gls-netherlands.com3030 en 3031

Please refer to the detailed manual that came with the product for more information. If desired, you can request a digital version from the GLS ICT service desk, which can be reached by telephone (during office hours) or e-mail using the contact details known to you. Please state your GLS customer number in order to provide you with the best possible service.