Security advice

Caution: scammers
More and more scammers are active online and via email. They also misuse the name of GLS by sending misleading emails to companies and individuals. It often happens that a payment is requested. Notify GLS immediately if you receive such an email, and under no circumstances pay the requested amount. GLS never sends emails requesting payment for goods via an online payment system, by credit card or bank transfer. Fraudulent emails often contain grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and they often contain a blurred company logo. If you do not know the sender, it is generally better not to open an attachment. GLS is not liable for any damage resulting from fraudulent use of GLS's name by third parties.


Warning for "parcel agent" vacancies

Criminals who order goods online with a false identity and illegally obtained credit card details are also engaged in recruiting so-called "parcel agents". The position is usually offered on a part-time basis and involves "the employee" accepting parcels and forwarding them to other, often foreign, addresses. The aim is to disguise the final destination of that the goods are obtained under false pretences. The police warn not to take up a position as a parcel agent. This so-called "lucrative side job" involves fraud and money laundering. This can have legal and financial consequences.

GLS fights against fraud

GLS constantly strives to protect its customers against fraud. We do our utmost to track down the individuals who attempt to misuse a GLS shipping system. The way we handle customer data meets the Group's high security standards.

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