Reliable international freight shipments: GLS transports large and heavy goods on pallets throughout Europe.
Thanks to its own specialised freight network, GLS delivers freight shipments safely and quickly in the Benelux. Direct transport connects the Netherlands with Belgium and Luxembourg.

Within the Benelux distribution, pallets and other freight throughout the region reach their destination within 24 hours. For delivery to more distant regions in Europe, the lead time is between 48 and 96 hours. Here, GLS cooperates with selected, reliable partners.

Door-to-door delivery
Belux distribution with a turnaround time of 24 hours
Outside the Belux, deliveries are usually made within 48 to 192 hours
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International and domestic freight is picked up at the same time

Maximum dimensions and weight for pallets

Standard pallet80 cm120 cm220 cm675 kg
Block pallet100 cm120 cm150 cm850 kg
Mini pallet80 cm60 cm220 cm300 kg
Oversized pallet100 cm240 cm220 cm1000 kg

Maximum dimensions and weight for separate parcels

Parcel0.4 m3200 cm32 kg10 pieces
Length of parcel0.4 m3600 cm25 kg10 pieces

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