Shipping for e-commerce with FlexDeliveryService

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Our shipping service for online shops becomes more flexible, tailor-made for you.

Do you have an e-commerce or a small online business? Offer your customers an even more flexible and customised delivery service with Flex Delivery Service. Six different delivery options ensure that your products reach your customers exactly how and where they want them. A revolution for e-commerce shipping a service that is unique for the needs of both the sender and the receiver.

How does shipping work with Flex Delivery Service? Your customer is constantly updated on the progress of the shipment. What if the parcel arrives at the wrong time? Via a link sent by e-mail and/or text message, the recipient can access a management area, both before and after the first failed delivery attempt, where he or she can choose up to six customisation options. This will ensure that they receive your products when they want them.

The service includes the possibility of selecting a new delivery date or choosing a collection point. In addition, you can make further options available to your customers so that they can customise the service according to their needs: a new delivery address, a safe delivery location, the possibility of authorising a neighbour to pick up, and the possibility of refusing delivery.

Thanks to Flex Delivery Service you have more certainty that the parcel will reach its destination and your customer can choose the most convenient solution for them.

More certainty for your e-commerce shipments: Predict

Always in a hurry, with flexible schedules and commitments scattered throughout the day, your customers need a truly personalised service.
We make sure the package arrives at its destination on the first delivery. The Predict function lets the recipient know exactly when the shipment will arrive.

With an accuracy level of more than 90%, your customers will know in advance when the e-commerce shipment they are waiting for will arrive. They can say goodbye to days spent in front of the window waiting for the courier, and organise their days in complete freedom.

The "Pre Delivery", for contingencies and more

Have you ever ordered a parcel when you know you will be at home and then, due to a last-minute hitch or commitment, left and missed the delivery? It won't happen to your customers! Pre-Delivery is the special service with which the recipient can change the details of the shipment before it even takes place: so the precious package with the purchased goods is delivered to the right place at the right time.

Your online shop will meet all the needs of users who can truly customise their delivery to the maximum. This way you reduce the number of unsuccessful deliveries and reach your recipients at exactly the right time and place. E-commerce shipping of this level is the dream of all sellers, because it is the dream of all online shoppers!

More flexibility for your customers, more benefits for your business.

We have developed six different customisation options to meet your customers' demands. So shipping for your e-commerce becomes easier, your customers feel cared for and you are sure that the parcels arrive at their destination.

Change the expected delivery date

The recipient may choose a new delivery date within 3 working days after the original delivery date. In the event of non-delivery due to absence of the consignee, the consignee has the next 2 working days to choose a new date for redelivery of the shipment. The new date shall be between the day of non-delivery and 10 working days thereafter.

Choose a new pick-up point between GLS Depot and Parcel Shop

The recipient can choose to have the shipment delivered to a GLS Depot or a Parcel Shop within the area of competence of the Depot that reaches the original destination address.

Enter a new delivery address

The recipient may enter an alternative delivery address to his own. Location and street must be within the managed area of the original destination Depot.

Enter a safe place for delivery

The recipient can choose to have the shipment delivered to a safe place (garden, garage, balcony) at the same delivery address.

Authorize delivery to a neighbour

The recipient can choose to have the shipment delivered to a neighbour at the same address.

Refuse delivery

The recipient can decide to refuse the shipment by indicating the reason for refusal among the alternatives proposed.

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What happens if the e-commerce shipment fails

In case of non-delivery, the consignee of the shipment will receive a link to which he/she can make arrangements for redelivery.

The number of days the consignment will remain at our Depots waiting for redelivery instructions is reduced from 5 to 2. If we do not receive any request/communication/arrangement from the recipient during this period, we will make an automatic attempt to redeliver to the original address.

So with Flex Delivery, you reduce/control your storage costs, simplify the handling of your consignments and achieve 5-star deliveries!

Benefits of Flex Delivery Service

Maximum flexibility and quality
Great customization of service
Optimization of the customer experience
Enhanced and timely notification system
Optimization of delivery times
Improved reviews of your e-commerce

European countries where Flex Delivery is available

Click on the individual country to see more details about the service provided.

Austria , Belgium , Bulgaria, Croatia , Denmark , Estonia, Finland , France , Germany , United Kindom, Greece, Ireland , Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg , Norway, Netherlands , Poland , Portugal , Czech Republic , Romania , Slovakia , Slovenia , Spain , Switzerland, Hungary

Compatible products

A wide range of Supplementary Produtcts and Services are at your disposal so that each shipment responds to your specific needs.
Find out which ones are compatible with FlexDeliveryService.

Our great flexibility allows us to ship up to 500 kg and always meet your needs, offering you tailor-made solutions.


Your valuable shipments move within the national circuit in reserved areas, accessible only to dedicated personnel and rigorously monitored.


The fast door-to-door truck service of excellence. It connects over 30 European countries with deliveries of packages up to 31,5 kg in 48/72 hours.