Privacy Policy

Protecting and using personal data by GLS Italy S.p.A.

This Internet Privacy Policy (IPP) applies to the processing of personal data collected on the website performed by General Logistics Systems Italy SpA, of Via Basento 19, San Giuliano Milanese (MI), Italy (“GLS Italy” or “the Data Controller”) as data controller. This I.P.P. also regulates the processing of personal data carried out by the holder made available through the GLS Italy app via the Apple App Store and Google Play platforms for use on iOS and Android operating systems ("App") that, if installed, allows the use of specific content and features offered by the site. Therefore, any reference in this I.P.P., to personal information made via the website, also include treatments conducted through the App.

1. Purpose and methods of processing – categories of personal data

As data controller, GLS Italy collects and processes your personal data using manual and computerized and/or telematic means in line with the principles set out in General Data Protection Regulation, Regulation EU no. 679/2016 (hereinafter the "GDPR") and in the Legislative Decree 196/03, as amended ("Privacy Code").
Your personal data are gathered and processed for the purposes stated from time to time in the Privacy notices before the data-collection forms on the website . Your data will be:

  • processed lawfully and ethically;
  • gathered and recorded for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes and processed in other ways not incompatible with those purposes;
  • accurate and, if necessary, kept up to date;
  • relevant, complete and not excessive for the purposes for which it was collected and then processed;
  • kept in a form that enables the data subject to be identified for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data was collected and later processed.

In particular, your data will be processed for the following purposes:

  • to activate and operationally manage the services and online tools provided on the website (e.g. registering, creating an account, Track & Trace, pick-up request, View shipment history, etc.) and to perform the associated administrative and accounting tasks: with regard to purposes above, the legal basis of the processing of your personal data is the execution of the services expressly requested by you;
  • to send information and promotional and other material to the email address that you provide, about new services offered by GLS Italy and on the website that are similar to the services you already receive. In this case, the legal basis of the processing of your personal data for such purposes is the legitimate interest of GLS Italy to send you information notices and updates relating to services similar to those you use and of potential interest, pursuant to recital no. 47 of the GDPR: therefore your permission is not necessary, although you can object at any time to this data being processed;
  • with your permission, to carry out marketing activities, such as sending information and promotional material and commercial messages about the company's products or services or both. These purposes will be pursued with both automated and non-automated means (e.g. email, text messages, postal mail, etc.). In this case, the legal basis of the processing of your personal data is your express consent, free and optional - which will be requested at the bottom of the relevant data collection form - which you can revoke at any time (even partially in relation to the different contact methods) without compromising the possibility of using the services offered by the site and by GLS Italy.
  • with your permission, to send your personal data to companies in GLS group and to GLS Italy’s franchisees and commercial partners operating in the automotive, insurance and media sectors, for their marketing purposes, such as sending information and promotional material about their products or services via automated means (e.g. email and text message) and non-automated means (e.g. email, text message and postal mail). We shall ask for your specific permission at the foot of the various forms on the website; this permission is also optional. For a full list of the above commercial partners, please email us at . Also in this case, the legal basis for the processing of your personal data is your consent express and free, revocable and where not expressed it will not affect the possibility of using the services offered by the site and by GLS Italy.
  • For the pursuit of the legitimate interests of GLS Italy and / or third parties (including GLS Group companies and franchisees), such as, for example, the right to defense in court, the correct invoicing , the handling of complaints and proceedings litigation, the possible recovery credits, the prevention of frauds and / or illegal activities, which according to the Company do not prevail over your fundamental rights and freedoms and that represent the legal basis of the processing.
  • For purposes related to the performance of legal obligations, regulations, national and EU regulations as well as obligations arising from provisions issued by authorities , representing the legal basis of the processing.
You may always decide not to provide your personal data that we ask for to supply the services and in order for you to use the online tools on the website. However, if you decide not to provide it, then we may not be able to supply some or any of the services.

To collect your personal data, registration forms are used that highlight (in bold) some boxes where your personal data is essential for us to provide the service you requested. If you do not provide that information, then we shall be unable to provide you with the service requested, and you will not be able to use the associated opportunities.

Providing the data in the boxes that are not in bold is entirely optional. Equally, you are completely free to choose whether to give your permission for marketing purposes and for the company and/or third parties to send advertising messages. If you do not provide that data, then you will not be prevented in any way from registering on the site or using the associated services.

Through the website, the company can also collect data that you do not volunteer, where the data is captured automatically and implicitly through your use of the website, in particular as explained below.

2. Website-use data
When you visit the website, it collects certain information: the pages you view, the links or buttons you click, the access date and time, your IP address, your browser and operating system, etc. ("website-use data"). By its nature, website-use data might enable users to be identified, partly through processing and through associating with data held by third parties. In any event, GLS Italy uses this data only to obtain anonymous statistical information on use of the website. GLS Italy also keeps a log of the occasions when you connect to / browse the website and, where relevant, when you download service programs via the FTP communication protocol. GLS Italy keeps that log to respond to any requests from the judicial authorities or other public body entitled to obtain it.

3. Collecting personal data through cookies
The website uses cookies. Cookies are text files stored electronically that allow various parameters and data items sent to the GLS Italy information system to be recorded via your browser. In some cases, they enable your usage habits for a particular website to be analysed. Saving a cookie allows GLS Italy to adapt our website to suit your needs and to make it easier for you to use. Many of the cookies used are automatically deleted from your computer’s hard disk after each browsing session (hence the name "session cookies"). Other cookies ("persistent cookies") remain on your hard disk. Broadly speaking, the website uses cookies for technical and other purposes. The technical cookies are used as strictly necessary for the technical operation of the website as well as to provide the service you expressly requested, such as logging on or setting the language. The cookies for other purposes (e.g. profiling cookies or analytical cookies) are used to analyse users’ behaviour on the website, to enhance the site content, and to send advertising messages in line with individual users’ stated preferences regarding their Internet use. For more details, see below.

Technical cookies
Technical cookies are essential to enable users to move around the website and to use its features, e.g. to access the private areas (via registration, logging on, etc.). On the website , technical cookies are associated with the user’s computer to facilitate, personalise and speed up their use of the website (e.g. by keeping their user profile up to date and by allowing faster access to the reserved areas). These cookies are essential and are used to store a unique identifier to manage and identify the user as unique and distinct from the other users visiting the website at the same time. The cookies enable the website to memorise the user’s preferences (e.g. their username, language and country of origin), to distribute requests over several servers, to remember when the user agrees to certain options, etc. If you decide to disable those cookies, then you lose many of the site’s features, and some services might not work as they should.

Third-party analytical cookies

The website uses analytical cookies service by third parties among which the "Google Analytics" service by the company Google Inc. ("Google"). Google uses cookies. Information obtained via cookies about the user’s habitual Internet use (including their IP address) is transferred to a Google server in the United States, where it is stored. For the same purposes, the site also uses analytical cookies by "Cookiebot" service, a service of the Cybot A / S company based in Copenhagen (Denmark). These services use the information related to the user's web surfing in order to analyze the user's habits, providing GLS Italy with reports on visits to the website and for other related communications on website use as well as, more generally, on the web. Google uses this information to analyze users’ habits when using the website to provide GLS Italy with reports on visits to that website, and for other communications about the use of that website and the Internet more generally. Google sends that information to third parties where required by law or where third parties process that data at Google’s request and on Google’s behalf. In no circumstances will Google link the customer’s IP address with other Google data. For more information about how to handle Google’s analytics cookies and to refuse to accept them, we recommend that you read Google’s Privacy Policy at and that you download the additional browser component to deactivate Google Analytics: . In relation to Cookiebot, for more information on how to disable these cookies we recommend that you consult the Cybot A / S Privacy Policy at the following link

Third-party retargeting, marketing and profiling cookies
The company uses third-party cookies (Google Adwords) that can record information on the pages you visit through the website. These cookies enable us to understand your interests and browsing habits, so that we can personalize the information that you will receive in future through this website to suit your specific preferences and needs. We also use them to send you information and promotional material on the services of specific interest to you offered by GLS Italy, with your permission. We shall obtain that permission from your continued use of the website once you have clicked on the website component under the cookie information banner, which will appear on the website’s landing page. You can refuse to accept these cookies at any time, by reading the Google Adwords privacy policy and using Google’s cookie-handling form at this link: . You can also prevent those files from being installed on your computer, by adjusting your browser settings. (For instructions on how to do this, see the section below.) By doing so, however, you will lose many of the features that personalise our website content.

Disabling cookies

Besides being able to choose, via the mechanisms explained in this Privacy Policy, whether to accept or refuse some or all of the cookies used by the website for other purposes, you can also prevent cookies from being installed by simply selecting the relevant settings in your browser options. If you do so disabling all cookies, including technical cookies, you will not be able to use some of the website’s functions to the full. To select the specific browser settings that prevent cookies from being activated, follow these steps:

Mozilla Firefox:
1. Select the "Tools" menu then "Options"
2. Click on "Microsoft Privacy".

Internet Explorer:
1. Select "Tools" then "Internet Options"
2. Click on "Privacy"
3. Select your preferred privacy level using the cursor.

1. Select "Tools" then "Settings"
2. Click on "Show advanced settings"
3. In the "Privacy" section, click on "Content settings"

1. Select "File" then "Preferences"
2. Click on "Privacy"

The website contains instructions for managing cookies on the most popular browsers; alternatively, you can consult the documentation attached to the software based on your device.

4. Working at GLS
If you would like to work at GLS group, apply online via the webpage "Working at GLS". The information you provide in your CV will be used by the company for recruitment purposes only. We always recommend that you include sensitive data on your CV only if it is strictly necessary under the law for recruitment and selection purposes (e.g. whether you belong to a protected group). In this case, the necessary sensitive data can actually be obtained and processed even without your permission. Nevertheless, we shall ask for your written permission later if and when you first come into contact with GLS Italy about a vacancy (e.g. for an initial interview). The details in your CV that you send to GLS Italy will be used only for personnel-selection purposes and will be kept for as long as is necessary to that end.

5. The GLS App
This Internet Privacy Policy also governs how the Company processes personal data using the application available via the Apple App Store and Google Play platforms for use on the iOS and Android operating systems (the App). When installed, the App provides access to the tracking service for shipments handled by the Company. The service offers up-to-date information about the status of a shipment and about the geographical location of the Company’s (and/or the franchisees’) depots.
Once you install it, the App can collect details including your name and email address plus some information about your device (e.g. its IP address), the operating system used, and the device’s position. In order to complete the installation, you will be asked to agree to this Internet Privacy Policy and to the Terms and Conditions of Use, by setting the relevant flags.
To use the App’s tracking service, you will be asked to enter the Company’s shipping number via a dedicated form. With your specific permission for each respective activity, the Company may use your personal data for marketing purposes, e.g. to send information and promotional material and commercial messages about the Company's products or services or both, and the Company may send your personal data to GLS Group companies and the Company’s franchisees and commercial partners, in the same ways and same legal basis and for the same purposes stated in section 1 of this Internet Privacy Policy. By using the App, you do not automatically give permission for your data to be used for the above marketing purposes by GLS and third parties. You are free to give or withhold that permission, and your use of the services in the App is not affected. As detailed in section 1 above, the Company may also send you information and promotional and other messages about new services offered by GLS Italy and on the App that are similar to the services you already receive. Those messages are sent to the email address that you provide, and you may opt out of receiving them at any time, as stated above in paragraph 1. The App can also use some data that is generated automatically while you use it, to obtain anonymous statistical information and to take the action needed to enhance the App’s functionality and the service platform’s security.
In any event, the App does not require your device’s GPS coordinates; it will obtain them only if you have activated the option on the device. Nor does it access your device’s calendar, address book or contact list.
The App will store the information given for as long as is necessary to supply the services and associated support and to provide the App’s functionality, unless the law requires or allows the information to be stored for longer.

6. Disclosing the data
The data that you provide and the data collected from the website in the context of the associated services (e.g. your IP address) will not be generally divulged. It may be passed on, however, including into non-EU countries, exclusively for the purposes and via the means stated above, to the following types of recipient:

  • staff members, consultants or freelance professionals whom the company uses to perform technical or organisational tasks (e.g. IT service suppliers) or with whom the company works to supply its services and to keep them operational, to send information and promotional material on the services offered by GLS Italy and, where relevant, for those businesses to select your CV in order to recruit people to the company;
  • people, companies or professional practices providing services and consultancy to the company, in particular for accounting, administrative, legal, tax and financial matters, among others;
  • GLS Italy’s group companies, franchisee and commercial partners, for the marketing purposes discussed above, when required by law and with your permission;
  • parties entitled by law or by order of the authorities to access the data. Regarding the supply of services relating to GLS Italy’s express-courier activities in the geographical area, your personal data may be disclosed to the businesses responsible for running those services in that area and may also be sent to non-EU countries, if necessary, for international shipments to that non-EU countries. Under article 49 of GDPR, moreover, we do not need your permission to disclose or send your data in that way, as those operations are necessary to "for the conclusion or performance of a contract concluded in the interest of the data subject between the controller and another natural or legal person". If the non-EU transfer of your personal data does not fall within the indicated hypotheses, the Company will adopt the necessary privacy measures to guarantee the legitimacy of such transfers, for example through the signing of appropriate standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission.

The above types of recipient will use the data as independent data controllers according to the law or as data supervisors duly appointed by the company. For information on the individual recipients of the data, please send an email to .

7. Data retention
The data are processed for the time necessary to provide the services requested by you and for the performance of connected and instrumental activities, as illustrated in paragraph 1 above, and are canceled when the purposes for which they were collected and processed are no longer valid, including any limitation periods prescribed by the Civil Code. Instead, the data collected for marketing purposes will be retained until the eventual unsubscription / opposition, after which they may be kept anonymous for analysis and statistics purposes.

8. Your rights
You as an interested party can exercise at any time, contacting GLS Italy, the rights listed in articles from 15 to 21 of the GDPR, and in particular:

  • to obtain confirmation that personal data is being processed and, in this case, to ask the Data Controller to access the information relating to the processing itself (eg purposes, categories of data processed, recipients or categories of recipients of data, the retention period, etc.);
  • request the correction of inaccurate or incomplete data;
  • ask the Data Controller to delete the data (eg if the personal data are no longer necessary with respect to the purposes for which they were collected, in case of revocation of the consent on which the treatment is based, etc.)
  • request the limitation of processing (eg in case of dispute on the accuracy of data; if the processing is illegal and you oppose the cancellation of personal data; if the data are necessary for the exercise or defense in court of a Your right, even if the controller no longer needs it, in case of exercising the right to object, for the time necessary to verify the existence of legitimate reasons).
  • to receive, in a common and readable format from an automatic device (eg pdf), the personal data concerning you and to transmit them to another holder, or to obtain direct transmission from one owner to another, if technically feasible (so-called portability).

You also have the right to object, in whole or in part, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of personal data concerning you, as well as the right to object, even partially to the various means of communication, to the processing of personal data for the purposes of commercial information, marketing advertising.
The rights indicated above may be exercised by contacting the email address as well as the e-mail addresses indicated in the privacy information on the website .
Finally, if you believe that the processing of the data provided violates the law on the protection of personal data, you have the right to propose a complaint to the Authority for the protection of personal data ( ).
In order to facilitate GLS Italy in promptly replying to your requests to exercise the rights hereabove, we invite you to complete the form at the following link and send it to the email address as well as to e-mail addresses indicated in the Privacy Policy published on the website

9. Data Protection Officer
You can contact the Data Protection Officer for GLS Italy and the companies belonging to the GLS Group in Italy, domiciled at the company GLS Italy S.p.A., at .

10. Changes to the IPP
The company may change this IPP at any time; we shall then let you know by publishing a notice on this website. Please check for these updates on the website. If the changes are especially important, or if they significantly affect your rights, then the company may also inform you in other ways (e.g. by sending an email).

In addition to the information provided in this IPP, GLS Italy is entirely at your disposal to answer any queries that you may have about how your personal data collected on our website is processed.

For more information, please send an email to