We would like to inform you that due to some union agitations that are affecting the goods transport sector and therefore also our network, there may be some delays with respect to the usual delivery times. There are currently blocks in some areas in Lombardy and Campania. We have already activated the necessary countermeasures in order to limit the impacts. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Attention: Misuse of the GLS brand for fraud

Internet and email fraud incidents are on the rise. Fraudsters are misusing the GLS name to send fake emails to both individuals and businesses. If you have received or are still receiving a suspicious payment request, do not comply with it under any circumstances. If you have complied with a suspicious payment request, we strongly recommend filing a report with your local police. GLS distances itself from such fraud attempts. Read more

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Are you waiting for the parcel with the object you want but are not at home? Have you sent an important shipment and want the recipient to be enveloped in your love? Do you need a special box to contain your dreams? Find out how we can help you with our express delivery company.

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In just a few clicks, our express delivery company takes what you want, exactly where you want it.

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GLS takes care of your express shipments, but also of you shipping or receiving them. We are available 24 hours a day: fill out the "Contact Us" form or call us at

Parcel Shop: the solution for online shopping

We have created a Parcel Shop network dedicated to those who like to shop online but are often not at home to receive their parcel. E-commerce companies that make express deliveries and include Parcel Shop among their delivery options have a higher purchase rate thanks to the ease of collection.

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Our commitment goes above all to the people who entrust us with precious objects in real or symbolic value. That's why we want to explain to you all-but-one thing about how the company handles express shipping.

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Packages are all different, as are the objects they contain, the people who send them and the people who receive them. At GLS we have the perfect service for every need: find out how you can entrust us with your shipments.