Fuel surcharge

Follow the evolution of the diesel tax applied by GLS France month by month

GLS charges a fuel surcharge because rising crude oil prices have a significant impact on the price of transport, and therefore also on parcel delivery costs

The basis used by GLS France for the calculation of the fuel surcharge is the average price of diesel at the pump for the month before last (e.g. for August, the reference month is June), published by the Comité National Routier (CNR).

In addition, GLS France takes the share of fuel cost for transportation carried out by vehicles of less than 3.5 t and trucks into account.

Once the data for the previous month is published by the CNR, GLS determines the fuel surcharge for the current month. It is disclosed separately and transparently in invoices.

The fuel surcharge for the month of November 2022 is 23,79%.

Fuel surcharge history:

MonthSurcharge (in %)
October 202223,50
September 202223,99
August 202226,79
July 202222,17
June 202220,80
May 202220,80
April 202220,80
March 202217,39
February 202217,39
January 202215,59
December 202115,99
November 202115,79
October 202114,22
September 202112,83
August 202112,83
July 202112,43
June 202112,04
May 202111,85
April 202112,04
March 202111,45