Coronavirus FAQ

Does GLS continue to pick up and deliver parcels?

GLS has a supply obligation and picks up and delivers your parcels. We ask you to clarify with your recipients in advance whether shipments can be accepted. If receiving points are closed, then in the current situation we will immediately return parcels to the shipper.

How should recipients best behave now?

Since the delivery process in which the recipient acknowledges receipt of the parcel by means of a special pen on the hand scanner, among other things, is a major source of danger for infections in the context of our transports, we have decided to deliver contactless from 23.03.2020 until further notice. This contactless delivery is considered as proper delivery. This is to continue to ensure a smooth delivery of your parcels.

Alternatively, contactless delivery is also possible if the recipient allows us to drop off the parcel at a named location. For this we only need the completed drop-off permission available at

Alternatively, a one-time, parcel-related drop-off permission can be issued easily online via our parcel tracking . The delivery driver then receives a message on his hand scanner and will deposit the parcel at the specified location.

How is GLS prepared to an aggravated situation in Austria?

GLS reacts flexibly to any changes in local conditions, such as the closure of areas, roads or locations. Permanent analyses of the flow of goods allow, if necessary, the alternative processing via other locations. Targeted continuity plans help to fundamentally ensure the efficiency of the GLS parcel network.

What are the restrictions in international parcel shipment?

Shipment of goods remains possible. The export and import of your goods remains possible. Here too, we ask you to clarify in advance with your recipients in the respective countries whether shipments can be accepted. If receiving points are closed, then in the current situation we will immediately return parcels to the shipper.

What does the current situation mean for the GLS ParcelShop network?

Our ParcelShops are regarded by the authorities as necessary facilities for basic services and are therefore allowed to continue offering our parcel service. Around three-quarters of all GLS ParcelShops are currently available for parcel delivery and acceptance. You can find all available ParcelShops in your area here:

ParcelShop search

What is GLS doing in order to avoid personal contacts in the GLS ParcelShops?

In the current situation, the health and safety of all those involved is also a top priority within the ParcelShop network. In addition to the necessary hygiene measures, the process of parcel delivery and pick-up is also contactless - your signature on the smartphone is therefore currently not required.

What preventive measures does GLS take against the further spread of the virus?

We do our utmost to protect the health of those involved in our business and to continue to ensure parcel logistics. We have implemented appropriate measures, which are based on the official recommendations of the authorities and the “Robert Koch Institute” and are adjusted at short notice if necessary. The measures include:

  • Equipping all locations and supplying all employees, transport partners and drivers with suitable disinfectant and other protective agents.
  • Strict implementation of the necessary hygiene measures in all areas.
  • No travel activity; meetings and conferences are conducted via telephone or video.
  • Implementation Home Office in administrative areas
  • Spatial distribution of staff
  • For our shippers and consignees we offer the possibility of contactless delivery.
  • We constantly monitor relevant developments and immediately initiate necessary measures if required