GLS Alerts

Due to weather conditions or other exceptional circumstances it may occur that your consignment to or from the Netherlands will arrive at its destination with a delay. An overview with the current disturbances can be found below.

Holidays that can affect transit times can be found at our holiday planning page.

To holiday planning

Delay2-3 days
NoteDue to the increased volumes around the holidays, the transit time of shipments from and to Belgium (depots Nivelles, Puurs, Tongeren) may be a few days longer than usual.
Delay> 4 days
NoteDue to COVID-19 related measures, the transit time for shipments to Italy is a few days longer than normal until further notice.
NoteDue to a national lockdown from 22 November, many companies in Austria are closed and not all shipments can be delivered. Before offering a shipment, please check whether the recipient is able to receive it.