Cash on delivery: The recipient pays the value of the shipment upon delivery

GLS accepts the money and transfers it safely and quickly to the sender's account - usually within two or three business days after delivery.

The Cash on delivery service is also available for goods shipped to Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Slovenia. Cash on delivery amounts from these countries are usually transferred to the sender's account within seven or eight business days.

The maximum accepted amount of the cash on delivery amount is RON 2,000 for any natural or legal person.

By exception, in the case of commercial contracts concluded with legal persons, the maximum accepted value of the cash on delivery amount is RON 5,000 if the recipients are legal persons, and the maximum value is RON 7,000 if the recipients are natural persons

The amount and the name of the recipient

included with the shipping number and the reference number on the cash on delivery breakdown

Lower risk of non-payment, more security
Safe and fast money transfer to your account
Payment status available online
GLS provides the cash on delivery service, a postal service whose special feature is the payment by the recipient to the sender, through the postal network, of the value of the good that is the object of registered mail.

The service can be combined with the following products:

The basic product for national supplies of goods.


Domestic deliveries, especially for small and fragile goods.


GLS delivers goods to 41 European countries. The stable parcel network allows fast and secure delivery of shipments.


The delivery of small and fragile goods is particularly safe with GLS - throughout Europe. Shipments are sorted separately and transported in special bags.


Delivery before noon the next working day to most areas in Romania.


The product for small and urgent national shipments.