Fuel Surcharge

Long distance GLs truck drives between field and forest Long distance GLs truck drives between field and forest

How it works

GLS charges a fuel surcharge because rising crude oil prices have a significant impact on the price of transport, and therefore also on parcel delivery costs.

The fuel surcharge is levied per parcel and displayed separately on invoices. GLS Romania calculates the fuel surcharge monthly according to the data stated in the Oil Bulletin published by the European Commission Directorate General for Energy and Transport.

Depending on the development, GLS determines the current fuel surcharge.

Current surcharge per parcel:

MonthNational parcelsInternational parcels
MayRON 4.242% of the basic price

Reference price: 7.40 RON / litre

Average price and corresponding surcharge:

Fuel price per litreNational parcelsInternational parcels
< RON 3.20RON 0.000%
RON 3.21 - RON 3.30RON 0.101%
RON 3.31 - RON 3.40RON 0.202%
RON 3.41 - RON 3.50RON 0.303%
RON 3.51 - RON 3.60RON 0.404%
> RON 3.61The fuel surcharge increases by RON 0.10 for every new RON 0.10.The fuel surcharge increases by 1% for every new RON 0.10.