Protective measures

GLS delivery driver wearing a mask GLS delivery driver wearing a mask

As a parcel service provider, GLS is an important element within the supply chain and the infrastructure of Romania. We are aware of the responsibility we bear and therefore, we do our utmost to protect the health of those involved in our network and to continue to ensure parcel logistics.

We have implemented various measures which are based on the official recommendations of the authorities and experts. We are also doing everything we can to ensure the standard parcel delivery in full range of services.

We have implemented various measures based on official recommendations of authorities and professional institutions. We check their effectiveness on a daily basis and we are ready to adjust them at short notice if necessary.

We regularly check the body temperature of our employees and repeatedly have in use preventive disinfectants for our employees and premises.

The following measures have also been implemented:

Employees, transport partners and their drivers are thoroughly informed about the necessary sanitary measures and are explicitly encouraged to comply with them;

Access to our hubs is restricted and subject to health checks;

We monitor all risk factors for all workers (close contacts with quarantined persons and so-called travel history). In the event of a positive finding, we take appropriate measures individually;

All areas are equipped with suitable disinfectants;

If employees show the first signs of any illness, they are immediately sent home for medical advice;

Travel is stopped, meetings and conferences are conducted by telephone or video conferencing;

All workers who can work from home have been transferred to do so.

Signature is no longer required for reimbursement packages

Nobody staying in high-risk countries is involved in the operation of our network in Romania. As a precaution, our specialists are working on contingency plans to maintain parcel transport even if the situation in Romania worsens and some roads or entire areas will have to be temporarily closed.

European Network

Cross­border services are available in the entire European network beside some undeliverable zip codes in specific countries (see shipping restrictions). Furthermore, some specific industries like public institutions, schools etc. are closed in a lot of countries.

Borders are open for the transport of goods. Only private travel is restricted. All international linehauls are fully operated, however there might be some delays.

News regarding platform

Masina GLS pe drum Masina GLS pe drum

Dear customers,

We inform you that starting with 12.03.2020, the platform is decommissioned for a period, in order to prevent shipments to countries under the red code for COVID-19.

Continue following the news that we will publish in order to be up to date with all the current information.

Thank you for understanding.