Sustainability – social, environmental and economic

GLS has a holistic understanding of sustainability that encompasses environmental, social and economic aspects of its corporate responsibility. The aim is to offer customers the highest quality in terms of logistics whilst providing employees with a stable job at a strong company.

For GLS, these two factors go hand in hand. By achieving these goals, GLS also contributes to the mobility and reliable availability of goods, which, in turn, constitute the backbone of the economy. The aim is to attain sustainable commercial success whilst protecting the environment for future generations. GLS is also committed to the society in which it operates.

Sustainability is now seen by a great many people as one of the most pressing issues facing our society. We at GLS can see this simply from the fact that the demands of our dialogue groups in this area are continuing to increase. Of course we are very happy about this development

Anne Wiese , Corporate Responsibility Manager GLS Group


As a leading, Europe-wide parcel logistics company, GLS is conscious of its responsibility towards people, the environment and society.


With our activities in the area of alternative fuel technologies and urban logistics, we are paving the way for a successful future.

GLS courier delivering parcels

Climate Protect

GLS is committed to environmental protection. This includes responsible handling of resources and the reduction of emissions.


Transparency across the board – GLS meets internationally recognised standards and publishes environmental data.


GLS takes responsibility – for employees and partners, as well as for people who need support.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

GLS supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals – and takes numerous measures to help achieve them.


Reliability, punctuality, transparency and performance standards are at the heart of our day-to-day endeavours. GLS works to improve quality on an ongoing basis.

Sustainability Reports

GLS reports in detail on its current goals, activities and progress in economic, social, environmental and corporate matters.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion - For the people of today and tomorrow

Diversity and inclusion are key principles at GLS Group. We know that success for our company depends on the people working for GLS. This is independent of their race, gender, age, sexual orientation or any other characteristics protected by law. It is not only our ethical responsibility to promote a diverse and inclusive company culture, but also an essential element of the company we want to be.

In order to fully support a diverse and inclusive working environment and achieve sustainableimpact, we as GLS Group strive to achieve to the following:

● To create an inclusive work environment in which our employees feel valued for their contributions, are respected and treated fairly, and have a sense of belonging

● To provide equal opportunities for all employees, including access to trainings, development and growth opportunities and advancements

● To recruit open-minded applicants of all races, gender, ages, sexual orientations and any other characteristics

● To collaborate with a diverse range of partners to fuel our innovation and connect closer to the communities around us