Receive a parcel

Track your parcel online anytime, even on the go: all you have to do is enter the shipping number, and its status will be displayed.

The information includes details concerning the last action performed on the shipment.

Standard deliveries

Ideally, a shipment is delivered to you personally. You confirm with your signature that it was successful and that you have accepted the shipment. A family member may also accept delivery on your behalf.

courier delivering

Parcel informations

If you are waiting for a shipment and would like more information about it, please fill in the contact form and a GLS representative will come to your aid as soon as possible.

People working together

Parcel notifications

If the shipment cannot be delivered to the address, the courier will leave a notification. It contains key information, such as a GLS phone number.

Customer using a computer

Delivery options

Fast and reliable - this is how you want to receive the shipment. Similarly, we want to successfully deliver, on behalf of all senders.

GLS driver delivers a parcel

Frequent shipments

GLS provides the right delivery solutions, tailored to the needs of all senders

GLS locations

Here you can find the nearest GLS location.