Deliveries to mass market retailers Deliveries to mass market retailers

GDO Service

Deliveries to mass market retailers (GDO) or logistics centers require special management due to the schedules and restrictions imposed by the recipients. By choosing GDOService, you can organise the flow of your shipments without wasting time, with appointed delivery times.

The service is very flexible, because it allows you to book a fixed delivery date, or to indicate a period within which the delivery must be made. Booking agreements can be made both by the customer when requesting the service and by the destination Depot before delivery management. Check with the Depot methods and timescales for booking.

Automatic management of the reservation for the recipient
Optimise timescales by choosing the booking date "by"
Improve likelihood of reaching recipients and reduce risk of non-delivery

Compatible products

A wide range of Supplementary Products and Services are at your disposal so that each shipment responds to your specific needs.
Find out which ones are compatible with GDOService.

Our great flexibility allows us to ship up to 500 kg and always meet your needs, offering you tailor-made solutions.


Your valuable shipments move within the national circuit in reserved areas, accessible only to dedicated personnel and rigorously monitored.