Recipient compiles and signs documents Recipient compiles and signs documents

Collection of signed document

With DocumentReturnService service, we deliver your shipments and take care of the delivery of the documents you need, duly completed and signed by the recipient. DocumentReturnService is carried out within the standard delivery times (24 or 48 hours) without any size restrictions.

We also have another solution for you: e-ROD, the electronic version of the service. With e-ROD, we not only deliver your shipments within the required time, but we also take care of returning to you, in electronic format via the web or ftp, the documents you are waiting for, duly completed and signed by the recipient of your goods.

In this way, e-ROD guarantees you an optimization of your working time and a total reduction of paper consumption, respecting the environment that surrounds you.

Reduce shipping costs
Automatically receive signed documents from your customers
Eliminate waiting times
For shipments up to 500 kg
Manage signed documents electronically in PDF format
Conveniently book the service when creating the shipment, through the automatic labeling systems
Consult signed documents in the customer area of the site or on FTP

Compatible products

A wide range of Supplementary Products and Services are at your disposal so that each shipment responds to your specific needs.
Find out which ones are compatible with DocumentReturnService.

Our great flexibility allows us to ship up to 500 kg and always meet your needs, offering you tailor-made solutions.


Your valuable shipments move within the national circuit in reserved areas, accessible only to dedicated personnel and rigorously monitored.