Interruption of pickup service in Great Britain

Due to problems of customs clearance out of Great Britain found at Parcel Force, the International services of pick up in Great Britain (Pick&Ship and Pick&Return) are temporarily suspended starting from today and until date to be determined. We will inform you as soon as the two services in question will be restored.

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Brexit, all you need to know for shipment to the UK

Since 1 January 2021, Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland) has the status of a third country from the perspective of the European Union. Therefore the movement of goods between GB and the EU is subject to customs supervision.

In order to make this transition as easy as possible, GLS has already been prepared for several months at European level to face this important change and will provide its customers with maximum support in the management of shipments to Great Britain.
GLS customers have been relying on existing and proven processes for regular imports and exports for years, including deliveries that require customs clearance, which is why GLS is considered by customers to be the most reliable partner for parcel deliveries in Europe and worldwide.

With GLS your shipments to Great Britain are always in good hands!

Useful Information

For any further information or insights about Brexit, you can send an email to the following dedicated address or consult the website of the Customs Agency at the following link:­portale/infobrexit