One sole group for quality services

 courier on the eco vehicle symbol of the company  courier on the eco vehicle symbol of the company

GLS offers reliable solutions for the shipment of goods in Italy, Europe and all over the world. Europe is the defined core market; the Group is also present in Canada and on the west coast of the United States. With its own companies and partners, the GLS Group covers 40 countries and is connected globally through contractually agreed partnerships.

The shipment arrives on time

Reliability is one of the most important values for GLS, a group in which each employee works to improve this characteristic every day.
The entire GLS system - i.e. the network of branches, information technologies, process monitoring solutions - has been designed to make every delivery reliable.
The result: throughout Europe, GLS delivers over 90% of shipments within the defined standard times.

We are committed to protecting shipments

In order for the goods to reach the recipient without risk, specific security measures are essential. GLS has created uniform standards across Europe for the systematic prevention of damage and loss.
Alarm systems, video surveillance, parcel control and scanning are part of the modern systems adopted for the protection of goods.
The GLS Group's damage and loss ratios have remained consistently very low for years (0.02%).

We monitor the path of every shipment

In GLS, the monitoring of every single parcel is one of the cornerstones that guarantees the maintenance of high standards of service quality. Each shipment is marked with a unique barcode, which is scanned at each step. This system is available throughout the entire Group, thus ensuring homogeneous processing within and outside national borders.
From collection to delivery, GLS makes shipping information available online.

We find the right solutions for you

GLS places great value on offering flexible solutions.
To achieve this, the GLS Group has established a homogeneous and transparent range of products and services across Europe. Products can be combined with specially designed services, for example for return processes or for e-commerce.
Many of the products and services are the same across Europe. They are then complemented by country-specific tailor-made solutions.

We act responsibly

For the GLS Group, sustainability is a holistic concept that includes the ecological and socio-economic aspects of social responsibility.
The Group's goal is to achieve sustainable economic success in accordance with environmental protection for future generations. In the sustainability report, GLS provides information on planned and ongoing projects in this area, as well as essential data on the ecological footprint, and examples of its social commitment throughout Europe.