Fuel surcharge

The fluctuating crude oil price is having a direct impact on transport costs and therefore also on parcel transportation costs. For this reason, GLS charges its customers a fuel surcharge.

GLS charges a fuel surcharge because rising crude oil prices have a significant impact on the price of transport, and therefore also on parcel delivery costs.

The fuel surcharge is levied per parcel and displayed separately as well as transparently on invoices. Prices for shipment via the GLS ParcelShops already include the charge.

Calculation of the fuel surcharge

As of 2012, GLS Slovenia has simplified the calculation of the fuel surcharge. The basis for the calculation of the fuel surcharge is the previous month’s average pump price for diesel on the last day of the month. For example: The fuel price for the month February 2016 is determined according to the price on 31.01.2016.

Per each € 0.041 increase of the diesel price, GLS Slovenia charges an additional € 0.03 per domestic parcel. Per each € 0.041 increase of the diesel price, GLS Slovenia charges for international parcels an additional 0.32% from the transportation price.

Current surcharge per parcel:
MonthNational parcelsInternational parcels
June0.28 €6,66 % of the basic price
Average price and corresponding surcharge:
Fuel price per litreNational parcelsInternational parcels
To 1,1590.22€6.02%
1,159 - 1,2010.25€6.34%
1,202 - 1,2860.28€6.66%
1,287 - 1,4720.31€6.98%
1,473 - 1,5140.34€7.30%

For detailed information, visit the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia
or the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Directorate for Energy.

Further enquiries regarding the fuel surcharge may also be directed at GLS Slovenia via
e-mail info@gls-slovenia.com or phone 01/500-11-50