Do you sell online? Sell & Send helps you manage your shipments

ecommerce sell & send ecommerce sell & send

Tired of downloading and updating your orders by hand? Sell & Send does it for you!
Find out how useful it can be for easily managing e-commerce shipments or those arising from the main marketplace pages.

Sell & Send is able to:

  • Automatically download orders as soon as received
  • Update your marketplaces with shipping data
  • Create shipments and print labels in just 3 clicks
  • Send personalised notifications to your customers
  • Monitor your shipments with automatic alerts or through an intuitive control panel

All with a clear interface, accessible wherever you are and at any time.

Using Sell & Send you can easily connect your online stores with the wide range of services that GLS offers for your shipments. Minimize your management efforts and satisfy your customers to the max!

What are you waiting for? Ask your reference Depot now to have it already today!