GLS Caller

GLS Caller your pickup at your fingertips

GLS Caller: your pickup at your fingertips!

Caller is the gadget to request a pickup, day by day, whenever you want, with a simple click.

How does GLS Caller work?

Agree on the type of collection with your GLS reference Depot. To request the usual, agreed collection, press the button: the Caller sends the collection request for you.

When the key is pressed, Caller lights up to answer:

  • Green pick-up LED: scheduled for today, check the email sent for confirmation
  • Yellow LED: after 13.00, the pick-up is scheduled for the next working day
  • Red LED: error. Check your internet connection

Technical info:
Caller works through your WiFi connection.
No cables, battery operated.
For configuration, user manual and troubleshooting, see the user manual.
To request a Caller and for more information, contact your reference Depot.