IT solutions for customers

Manage your shipments independently. Being always at the cutting edge in the search for tools and solutions that guarantee innovative services for our customers is one of the characteristics of GLS. An example of this is Weblabeling which, in continuous evolution, makes it possible to simplify and improve the billing and management of the flow of shipments, constantly increasing the efficiency and quality of the service offered. Weblabeling is even faster, more intuitive and easier to use: in just a few clicks each customer can create their own shipments. The booking of collections and the monitoring of shipments are features that are integrated directly on Weblabeling. For more information on the solutions that GLS has designed for you, contact your local Depot.

Sell online with Sell&Send

Do you sell online? Sell&Send helps you manage your shipments.

Find out how useful it can be for easily managing e-commerce shipments or those arising from the main marketplace pages.

GLS Caller

GLS Caller: your collection at your fingertips!

Caller is the gadget for requesting a collection, day by day, whenever you want, with a simple click.