As a result of flooding in parts of Italy, we would like to inform you that our collection and delivery services in the provinces of Romagna may be slowed down. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and assure you that we are monitoring the situation and working with the authorities to determine when it will be safe to resume operations. GLS stands by all those who have been severely affected by these weather events.

Dear Customer, in these hours we are witnessing several phishing campaigns using GLS Italy brand. We remind you that GLS does not ask for payments via SMS and never uses domain names or links other than We also ask you to pay attention to emails with suspicious attachments, which we urge you not to open. If in doubt, please report any e-mails you receive to

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Are you waiting for the parcel with the object you want but are not at home? Have you sent an important shipment and want the recipient to be enveloped in your love? Do you need a special box to contain your dreams? Find out how we can help you with our express delivery company.

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GLS takes care of your express shipments, but also of you sending or receiving them. We are available 24 hours a day: fill in the "Contact" form or call us on

Parcel Shop: the solution for online shopping

We have created a Parcel Shop network dedicated to those who like to shop online but are often not at home to receive their parcel. E-commerce companies that make express deliveries and include Parcel Shop among their delivery options have a higher purchase rate thanks to the ease of collection.

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Our commitment goes above all to the people who entrust us with precious objects in real or symbolic value. That's why we want to explain to you all-but-one thing about how the company handles express shipping.

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Packages are all different, as are the objects they contain, the people who send them and the people who receive them. At GLS we have the perfect service for every need: find out how you can entrust us with your shipments.