The GLS name is being abused again!

Please note that GLS does not sell undelivered parcels, and the raffle on social media is not related to GLS.

Giveaways organised by GLS Hungary are also shared on our official Facebook page, so it is always worth checking to see if the promotion is available on our platform.

GLS Hungary dissociates itself from any activities that may be harmful to customers and rejects any attempt to do so.

All available measures will be taken to prevent fraud.

Fraud Alert

There have recently been reports of scammers using the GLS name in new ways. We would like to give you details on their methods, and how you can avoid being scammed.

Information about shipment to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus

Due to the current political situation, our shipping services to and from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus are temporarily suspended. We will inform as soon as there is new information on this.

The right shipping solution

GLS offers reliable shipment services to companies and individuals.

Delivery to some Croatian islands

We would like to inform you that we arrange delivery to some Croatian islands with an intermediary company. In this case, delivery is carried out by the local post office, which has set a maximum weight limit of 10 kg per parcel. The longest side of the parcel can be maximum of 1.5 meters instead of 2 meters. You can find the list of islands and the delivery schedule here .

More information

GLS delivery car delivers in every settlement in Hungary

National shipment

GLS transports parcels securely and rapidly within Hungary. The standard delivery time of less than 24 hours applies throughout the whole of Hungary.

GLS vans provide export door to door

International shipment

Parcel shipping to neighbouring states of Hungary takes between 24 to 48 hours. Delivery to more distant European countries usually takes between 48 and 120 hours.

Favorable conditions in GLS parcelshop

Occasional shipment

Companies with smaller shipping volumes and private dispatchers can send their parcels via GLS Parcel Shops. There are 1000 Parcel Shops nationwide.

Smiling young man delivering a GLS parcel

CashService in Eastern Europe Region

The cash on delivery service is also available for goods sent to the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia.

GLS Parcel Shop

Company or private individual –

everybody can dispatch parcels from a Parcel Shop.

Parcel delivery

Parcel delivery

GLS offers convenient parcel delivery solutions to companies and individuals with relatively small parcel volumes. Parcels can be handed over at one of 1000 GLS Parcel Shops throughout Hungary. How much it costs to send a parcel with GLS depends on its size.

Parcel collection

Parcel collection

If the sender activated the FlexDeliveryService you have the possibility to redirect the parcel to a GLS Parcel Shop or a Parcel Locker. Parcel collection will then be possible for the next five working days in a Parcel Shop and for the next 5 days in a Parcel Locker.

GLS Parcel Shop / Parcel Locker search

Send your parcels now with GLS.

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