Recipients pay for goods on delivery

Cash on delivery parcels with GLS: The recipient pays for the goods on delivery in cash or by credit or debit card. GLS accepts the money and transfers it securely and quickly to the sender’s account – usually within two working days after delivery.

The cash on delivery service is also available for goods sent to the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia. Cash on delivery amounts from these countries are usually credited to the sender’s account within seven to eight working days.

  • Lower risk of non-payment, more security
  • Reliable and fast money transfer to your account
  • Maximum cash on delivery amount: HUF 499,999
  • Easy handling: place your request via GLS Connect or GLS Online
  • Amount, parcel and reference number on the account statement
  • Convenient credit or debit card payment possible if the BankCardService is booked
  • Donwloadable receipt for consignee
  • Credit card payment option for parcels delivered to GLS ParcelLockers

With GLS, recipients can pay their cash on delivery parcels via debit or credit card. The service is available in Hungary, and from 16th of May 2020 onwwards, also in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Slovenia.

Easy and convenient: the delivery driver offers the recipient the possibility to pay the due amount by card. The only basic requirement is to book the service in addition to the CashService.

The BankCardService can be booked via the Sales department of GLS in written form. It is possible to book the BankCardService on a flat-rate basis for all CashService parcels sent.

When using this payment method, the COD amount is usually credited to the senders account within two working days.

  • Additional payment option for recipients
  • Payment via POS terminal
  • Reliable and fast money transfer to your account
  • Transparent listing of BankCardService parcels in the COD report
  • Receipt for consignees

Notification about parcel delivery

Flexible delivery: GLS informs recipients early about the delivery of parcels and offers a variety of delivery options to choose from.

As soon as the ordered goods are ready to be shipped, recipients receive an e-mail or a text message containing information about the upcoming delivery of GLS parcels. The message includes all important parcel data, the number of the customer service and a direct link to the GLS Delivery Manager. The online tool allows recipients to choose from a variety of delivery options. For example, they can select a new date for the delivery, enter a different address or redirect the parcel to a GLS ParcelShop.

In the morning of the delivery day, GLS sends a second e-mail or text message to the recipient containing a three-hour delivery time frame. The message also includes the number of the delivery driver and the customer service. At this time the GLS Delivery Manager cannot be used anymore. If the first delivery attempt is not successful, GLS automatically sends a third e-mail or text message to the recipient. It is now possible again to choose from the delivery options for the second delivery attempt via the GLS Delivery Manager. Usually GLS attempts to deliver a parcel twice. But if the sender has booked the FlexDeliveryService, GLS will deliver a third time if necessary. In this case GLS will once again inform the recipient via e-mail or text message about the upcoming delivery. Receiving parcels becomes flexible, making the shipment of goods to private households less complicated. The number of enquiries and complaints to the sender decreases, customers satisfaction on the other hand increases.

Advantage for senders

  • Optimised B2C shipment
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Less effort in customer service
Advantage for recipients
  • Information about delivery
  • Estimated delivery time frame is announced
  • Delivery options easily selectable Flexible parcel reception without registration – simple and fast online
  • Three delivery attempts
The delivery options:
  • Delivery to the same address on a specific date
  • Delivery to a new address
  • Delivery after working hours between 17.00 and 20.00 (only in GLS depot cities is available)
  • Delivery to a GLS ParcelShop
  • Delivery to a GLS ParcelLocker
  • Collection at a GLS depot
  • Refusal of acceptance
  • National parcel shipment
  • Cross-border parcel shipment from Hungary to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

GLS notifies recipients by phone about the delivery of parcels.

Within the hour preceding the planned delivery time of the parcel, the delivery driver calls the recipient and informs about the expected time of delivery. GLS will also inform the recipient about COD or any other special services to be prepared for. This makes it easier for the recipient to plan with the delivery.

  • Information for recipients before parcel delivery
  • Easy handling and booking via dispatch systems
  • An ideal service for the delivery to private households
  • Successful first-try deliveries and increased customer satisfaction

GLS notifies recipients via text message about the delivery of domestic parcels, giving a three hour time frame.

In the morning of the delivery day, the GLS system calculates the respective delivery tour and sends a text message with the estimated delivery time. With this service, recipients can see whether they can accept their parcel personally.
The service can be combined with the CashService. Recipients will be informed about the payable amount of cash.

  • Notification via text message for recipients
  • Time frame of three hours with the estimated delivery time
  • Combinable with the BankCardService and CashService including cash amount information
  • All deliveries can be monitored online

GLS informs recipients via text message about parcel delivery.

Senders can create a message to the recipients of their parcels in the dispatch system GLS Connect (up to 160 characters). On the day of parcel dispatch, the text message is sent to the recipient, notifying about the upcoming delivery the next working day.
The parcel’s identification number can be included and the cash amount that will be payable upon delivery. The GLS hotline number is automatically added at the end of the message.
Specify the text of the messages and show your customers your service orientation.

  • All relevant information in one text message
  • Information for the sender about parcel dispatch and delivery
  • Information for the recipient about the expected delivery date
  • Text can be defined by the sender
  • Service may be ordered via GLS Connect

Time definite services

Delivery to any destination in Hungary before 17.00 the next working day.

With this service, the regular delivery time of 24 hours within Hungary is not only standard, but guaranteed.
A money-back guarantee – refund of the service charge – means security for the sender.

  • Guaranteed delivery before 17.00 the next working day
  • Delivery throughout the whole of Hungary
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Express-quality at an attractive price

Senders can choose in advance one day within five working days after collection, on which GLS should deliver the parcels.

The goods from this order do not have to be stored on the senders’ premises. GLS picks up the parcel at any address in Hungary.

  • Selection of a delivery day in advance
  • Immediate order-processing
  • Easy handling and booking

Senders define a 2-hour delivery time window in which GLS will deliver the parcel to the desired recipient.

In towns with GLS parcel depots, senders can freely select a time frame between 08.00 and 20.00 for the delivery. Contact GLS directly to check the availability for a desired area.

  • Flexible delivery with a pre-defined 2-hour time interval
  • Shows customers a high level of service-orientation
  • Easy handling and booking

GLS collects parcels outside normal business hours, after 17.00.

With this service, GLS will pick up parcels on a regular basis after the company’s usual business hours. The exact time can be defined by the sender.

  • Collection after the company’s regular business hours, usually 17.00
  • Flexible time management
  • Optimal for shift work

Weekend parcel shipment: In Budapest, GLS delivers parcels also on Saturdays.

Parcels sent on Friday are delivered on Saturday – the ideal solution for urgent goods or important items.

  • Delivery on Saturday
  • Available only in Budapest
  • Increased flexibility
  • Ideal for special recipients’ requirements

Additional services

More than 1000 pick-up points in more than 400 towns. If the service is ordered, the parcels picked up at the Sender's business site will be shipped to the selected GLS ParcelShop, were customers can collect the ordered goods.

  • The addressee is sent notification via SMS and e-mail.
  • There are 5 working days available in which to collect the consignment against presentation of a valid personal identity document.
  • Until the parcel is collected, GLS sends a notification e-mail daily to the customer.

In our constantly growing network, there are more than 1700 parcel lockers in more than 300 towns. If the service is ordered, the parcels picked up at the Sender's business site will be shipped to the selected GLS Parcel Locker, were customers can collect the ordered goods.

Maximum parcel size that may be sent to GLS ParcelLocker: 73cm x 42cm x 59cm

  • The addressee is sent notification via SMS and e-mail.
  • There are 5 working days available in which to collect the consignment against the PIN code that the notification messages contains.
  • Until the parcel is collected, GLS sends a notification e-mail daily to the customer.
  • COD can only be payed by credit card.

With this service ordering, you can make the parcel delivery process more secure for our customers. With this service order, each parcel dispatch, the recipient's signature on the hand held scanner is replaced by the service code (CLD) recorded by the delivery courier. This solution only applies to physical contact with the scanner and therefore does not affect cash or credit card payments. There is no extra charge for this service.

  • Safer delivery
  • Free service
  • Easy handling and booking

In case of non-contact delivery, we recommend ordering the BankCard Service service for cash on delivery.

If the price of the shipment is paid in cash, please make the exact amount, otherwise the courier may refuse to deliver the package.

GLS hands over the parcel exclusively to the person stated by the sender – and only on proof of identity.

Specify to whom your parcel should be delivered to. The recipient has to identify himself by presenting an official ID document (personal ID card or passport) to the delivery driver.
Parcels are only delivered against signature by GLS. With this service, the delivery driver also notes down the number of the ID document.

  • Parcel handover only after visual check of ID document
  • Documentation of ID document number in addition to signature of recipient
  • Easy handling: order the service via dispatch system
  • Ideal for confidential or high-value parcels

The shipment of certain types of hazardous goods within Hungary is possible with GLS.

The carriage of dangerous goods packed in Excepted or Limited Quantities is only performed based on a prior written agreement relating to products that enjoy exemption based on chapters 3.4 and 3.5 of the ADR.
Excluded from hazardous goods shipment are extremely hazardous substances, such as radioactive, explosive, infectious or highly poisonous substances.

  • Nationwide shipment of approved hazardous goods
  • Shipment of hazardous goods easy to arrange
  • Detailed advice and coordination by trained employees

Additional coverage on a one-off basis: Extra protection for selected parcels.

Senders can decide for every parcel whether it needs an increased coverage or not. The maximum amount of declared-value insurance service is HUF 500,000 in the case of domestic parcels, and HUF 200,000 in the case of export parcels.

  • Increased coverage for consignments on a one-off basis
  • For selected parcels
  • More security for high-value goods

Flat fee damage compensation for all national parcels of the sender in addition to the automatically provided coverage which is valid for all parcels.

With this service, senders book a plus of security for all of their parcels when it comes to sending high-value goods – for example smartphones or other electronic devices.
The damage coverage fee is subject to individual agreement.

  • Increased coverage for consignments
  • More security for high-value goods
  • Flat - rate compensation
  • Simple handling and easy booking
  • Continuous parcel tracking

GLS offers partitioned delivery of an order to selected hypermarkets.

In case of a partitioned delivery, GLS organises the dispatch of goods to specified stores. This service automatically includes the DocumentReturnService. This means, GLS collects signed documents as well as the itemised delivery bill, and returns them to the sender.

  • Service for big shopping markets
  • Collection and return of documents included
  • Simple handling and easy booking
  • Time saving

ItemisedDeliveryService list

In accordance with the clients’ instructions, GLS provides partitioned delivery and places the goods directly onto the store shelves.

Three services in one: GLS performs partitioned delivery just as in the ItemisedDeliveryService but then also puts the delivered goods onto the store shelves. Also included is the DocumentReturnService so that the certified proof of delivery is returned to the sender.

Download the list

  • Full service for selected hypermarkets
  • GLS places the goods directly onto the store shelves
  • Simple handling and easy booking
  • Time saving


GLS collects parcels from any address of your choice and delivers them directly to the desired recipient.

With the Pick&ShipService you avoid unnecessary detours. A parcel, for example, goes directly from the supplier to the end customer or vice versa. Optimise your procurement and distribution logistics with this additional service.

The collection address does not have to be in Hungary. Any address in the GLS network, whether in Hungary or in Europe, can be selected.

  • Minimised transport, dispatching and warehousing costs
  • Shorter delivery times
  • Simple handling: collection order via GLS Connect or GLS Online
  • Optimised procurement and distribution logistics
  • Full cost control
  • Automatic reporting provided on request

Optimises return management: GLS collects parcels from any address and brings them to the client. Collection time can also be specified.

The collection address does not have to be in Hungary. Any address in the GLS network, whether in Hungary or in Europe, can be selected.

  • Easy handling: collection order issued via GLS Online or GLS Connect
  • Full cost control
  • Europe-wide collection
  • Quick response time
  • Collection already the next working day if the domestic order is received before 22.00 and the international order is received before 16.00
  • Automatic reporting provided on request

Efficient goods exchange: GLS delivers parcels and swaps them with others at the same time and then transports these to the GLS customers’ premises or another business address of their choice.

The service can be used, for example, for repairs: GLS delivers the replacement unit, collects the faulty item and delivers it to the desired repair service site. Complaints handling is simplified, in both e-commerce and retail trade. Quick replacement of claimed goods due to quality or commission issues can be managed.

  • Economical thanks to combined delivery and pickup
  • Parcel return form already included
  • Easy, straightforward handling for senders and their customers
  • Documentation of the exchange
  • Combinable with the CashService (cash on delivery) and with BankCardService (payment with card)

GLS delivers parcels, collects important signed documents, and returns them to the consignor.

How consignors can play it safe: GLS will obtain the recipient’s signature on all original documents required and return them to the sender within a short time frame.

  • Delivery and immediate return of important signed documents
  • Consignee confirmation
  • Easy and fast processing
  • Easy handling: collection order issued via GLS Online or GLS Connect

We offer the partners a cost-effective solution for shipping returns.

ShopReturnService has been introduced as a convenience service, taking into account the feedback from our recipients, with the aim of making it easier for recipients to return parcels.

After ordering the service, 2 labels will be automatically printed and 1 of that is automatically printed for the return shipment. 1 piece is should be placed on the parcel in the usual way and 1 (the return label) is must be placed inside.

If the Recipient wishes to return the parcel for any reason, he/she have to remove the original label from the box. Then, he/she sticks the return label (which is inside the parcel) on the packaging and takes the parcel to the nearest GLS Parcel Locker or GLS Parcel Shop where it can be posted.

  • Easy handling: order the service via dispatch system
  • Your Recipients do not have to wait for the driver, as they can also send the parcel to return via GLS Parcel Locker and GLS Parcel Shop.
  • The return freight charge will be billed when the parcel is actually picked up.

With this service, customers can return ordered items by placing them in a GLS Parcel Locker, to be sent exclusively to a predefined address by the sender.

Key Features of the Service:

  • The parcel can be placed in any available compartment of the selected GLS Parcel Locker without a label (although it is recommended to indicate the address on the packaging along with online registration).
  • The service can be flexibly ordered by the customer using a unique identifier generated by the sender.
  • The parcel can be placed in the locker within 30 days from the order, after which a new opening code needs to be generated.
  • There is no need to pre-select the drop-off location; any locker can be freely chosen.

Parcel delivery

Parcels sent with GLS arrive quickly and safely. Domestic and international shipments are available with normal and express delivery times.

Products and services matrix

The GLS parcel and express products can be individually combined with value-added services. As a result, parcel delivery will be tailored to individual needs.

GLS depots

Price quote

Parcel delivery prices are determined by individual ideas and needs. In the case of regular delivery of parcels, GLS sends a customized quote "package" for parcel delivery and value-added services. Shipment fees are determined by GLS on the basis of the terms specified by the Client.

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If you need information that is not available on our website, our customer service team is at your disposal. Feel free to contact us.