Parcel dispatch without queuing at affordable prices

For parcel dispatch, choose one of the 1000 GLS ParcelShops For parcel dispatch, choose one of the 1000 GLS ParcelShops

For parcel dispatch, choose one of the more than 1050 GLS Parcel Shops, where you can easily send your parcel in a few minutes. As a result of our simple pricing, only the size of the parcel matters when calculating the fee.

From 1st April 2021, electronic payment will be provided in all GLS Parcel Shop.

No need to queue

Look for the GLS Parcel Shop logo displayed on the door of the shop and use the parcel dispatch service almost right away.

Parcel delivery domestically and to almost all European countries.

Send your parcel to Hungary and to almost every country in Europe. Visit one of our GLS Parcel Shops closest to you, and there you can arrange parcel shipping in a few minutes. Pack your parcel well and take it to the nearest GLS Parcel Shop.

National network

Locate the GLS Parcel Shop nearest to you. Most of our Parcel Shops await customers with extended opening hours. You can easily dispatch a pre-packaged box or envelope with the help of the shop assistant.

Multiple additional services

Cash-on-delivery parcels to destinations within Hungary can also be sent. GLS will transfer the collected amount to the indicated bank account number within two working days. FlexDelivery Service can be ordered for Hungary and EU destinations.

Simple pricing – only the size of the parcel matters!

When determining the size, you should bear in mind that the combined length and circumference of the parcel (the longest side + twice the two shortest sides) must not exceed 3 metres.
There are five size categories - from XS to XL, which can be quickly and easily determined using a special measuring tape designed for this purpose.
The weight of the parcel may not exceed 40 kg.

GLS Parcel Shop prices - Domestic tariff

Sizethe longest side +
the shortest side
XSmax. 35 cmHUF 2,030
Smax. 50 cmHUF 2,620
Mmax. 65 cmHUF 3,100
Lmax. 80 cmHUF 3,820
XLmax. 3m girth*HUF 4,200

*Circumference of the parcel plus the longest side (maximum length: 2 m, maximum height: 60 cm, maximum width: 80 cm)

The following services are available at an additional cost for parcels dispatched at GLS Parcel Shops:

CashService – COD collection
COD collection fees for parcels with a destination within Hungary dispatched at GLS Parcel Shops:

HUF 600 / parcel (amount of COD: HUF1-30 000)

HUF 1 190 / parcel (amount of COD: HUF 30 001-499 999)

FlexDeliveryService – Flexible delivery
Under this service, GLS will keep the addressee informed of the arrival of the parcel via email or email and SMS text message.
Current rates for parcels dispatched at GLS Parcel Shops:
E-mail notification*: HUF 60
E-mail and SMS text message notification**: HUF 120

The prices shown are gross prices.

* E-mail notification availability for the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

** E-mail and SMS text message notification availability for the following countries: Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia

Prices to the European Union

Reliable international parcel delivery. GLS delivers parcels with short delivery times within the European Union.

the longest side +
the shortest side
I. zoneII. zoneIII. zoneIV. zone
maximum 35 cmHUF 6,040HUF 7,240HUF 8,670HUF 11,490
maximum 50 cmHUF 9,400HUF 11,020HUF 12,770HUF 19,190
maximum 65 cmHUF 12,050HUF 14,030HUF 16,370HUF 25,910
maximum 80 cmHUF 14,620HUF 17,510HUF 19,670HUF 30,710
maximum girthHUF 18,470HUF 21,590HUF 24,830HUF 37,970

Lead times

Zonescountries (working day)
I. zoneSlovakia (1), Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia (2)
II. zonePoland, Germany (2), Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Bulgaria (3)
III. zoneDenmark, France, Italy (3), Ireland (5)
IV. zoneLithuania (3), Latvia (4), Spain (4-6), Sweden (4-7), Estonia (5), Portugal, Finland (5-7)

Delivery dates in the delivery chart are for information only and are not guaranteed. The lead time is calculated from the first workday following the dispatch of the parcel.

Through GLS ParcelShops we do not undertake parcel delivery to islands belonging to European countries.

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