Notify the recipient about parcel delivery

GLS will notify the recipient of the upcoming delivery via SMS, e-mail or phone. The recipient can decide what will happen next: E-mail / SMS messages contain the parcel number, password and a link to the Delivery Manager - where the recipient can give GLS delivery instructions.

Flex Delivery Service
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The service contains an SMS and / or e-mail notification to the recipient about the time of delivery of the parcel, delivery address and any amount of cash on delivery. Another e-mail or SMS message arrives in the morning on the day of delivery and contains a 3-hour delivery time interval. In the event of a failed delivery attempt, the recipient receives a notification and can choose one of the following options:

  • delivery to a new address
  • delivery at another time
  • personal collection at GLS regional hubs
  • giving consent for the parcel to be left at the agreed location
  • delivery to ParcelShop
  • parcel refusal

The service provides a courier phone call an hour before the first delivery attempt. In order to better prepare the recipient to receive the parcel, the courier informs the recipient of the parcel:

  • about the approximate time of delivery
  • cash on delivery
  • specifies the name of the person who can colect the parcel

GLS notifies the recipient via SMS in the morning on the day of parcel delivery. The text message contains the identification number of the parcel, the expected delivery time in a three-hour time interval (eg between 8 - 11 hours), and the telephone number of GLS Customer Service where the recipient can make an inquiry regarding parcel delivery and agree on delivery details.

The expected delivery time has been announced

The SMS contains a direct contact of the GLS customer service

All parcel deliveries can be tracked online

All parcel deliveries can be tracked online

On the day of delivery of the parcel, an SMS notification is sent to the recipient that the parcel will be delivered on the next working day. The text of the message is created by the Sender and can contain the identification number of the shipment and the amount of the cash on delivery. At the end of the SMS message, the telephone number of the GLS customer service is automatically entered, where the recipient can make an inquiry regarding the delivery of the parcel and agree on the details related to the delivery.

Notice to recipient of expected delivery date

All relevant information in one SMS message

In combination with the cash on delivery service, the SMS also includes information on the amount of cash on delivery

All deliveries can be tracked online

GLS services for e-commerce

Customized services

Do you have a special delivery request? GLS offers a low service that ensures fast and secure delivery to the recipient. Find a solution in services tailored to the specific requirements of the recipient.

GLS vehicle on express delivery

Express delivery

Fast and guaranteed express delivery: With a money back guarantee! Set the delivery time of your parcel, and if the service is not performed due to a GLS error, we guarantee a refund of three times the delivery fee.

GLS truck on mountain road

Delivery abroad

GLS ships goods to all major European markets within a standard time of 72-96 hours. Delivery to neighboring countries like Slovenia or Hungary will be done within 24 to 48 hours.