Reliable parcel delivery

Sending by GLS means fast and secure delivery of parcels within defined standard delivery times. Parcels in local traffic usually arrive at their destination within 24 hours, and in foreign transport, delivery times are generally between 24 and 96 hours.

GLS delivery on boat with cash on delivery service

Sending parcels within Croatia

GLS standard parcel delivery and emergency delivery can be combined individually with services specifically designed for e-commerce, wholesale, specific industries. Choose the best combination of products and services for your business.

GLS parcels in tranzit

Sending parcels abroad

Sending parcels with GLS involves fast and secure delivery with the possibility of prior e-mail or SMS notification and real-time tracking of parcels in many EU countries. A second attempt at delivery as well as return of the parcel in case of non-delivery is free of charge.

GLS delivery of multiple parcels

Cost of transportation

The exact cost amount for parcel delivery depends on your preferences and needs. If you send parcels on a regular basis, GLS Advisers will send you an individual offering of a combination of products and services that meet your needs. As a result of this approach, you can only get what you really need, and it will be reflected in the price of transportation.

GLS courier entering vehicle

Fuel charge

GLS Croatia calculates fuel surcharges on a monthly basis, according to the change in the Consumer Price Index for fuels and lubricants for passenger cars of the Central Bureau of Statistics or according to a valid offer. Once the fuel price has been published, GLS determines the current fuel surcharge.

Standard product and service list


Special delivery areas


Island delivery schedule


List of countries with NON EUR currency code


Diesel surcharge

YearMonthDiesel price according to the consumer prices index (EUR / HRK)

Prices in euros are expressed at the exchange rate 1 € = 7,53450 kn

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GLS parcel handling

Shipping tips

Quality and adequate packaging in relation to the type of transport is crucial when it comes to preventing damage. Matching packaging to the size and weight of items is the first step to cheaper and more efficient delivery of parcels quickly.

GLS bank card service

Additional services

By combining additional services, we adapt to the specific requirements of online sales, and enable the delivery of goods to the end customer in a fast and reliable way.

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