Send parcels to private recipients

Are speed of delivery and 5-star customer service also important to your customers? With flexible delivery options, you can offer your customers overnight delivery with a delivery method that meets their preferences.

Delivery at home

If you want to offer your customers delivery to the home address, GLS can help you with that too. We typically deliver the parcels at the address between 7.00 am and 4.00 pm, so if you want a receipt on delivery, the customer must be available for parcel delivery.

If your customer is not available to receive the parcel, you can send it with delivery without receipt. In that case, we will place the parcel at the agreed location without receipt. Please note that this form of delivery is not suitable for storey properties.

If we do not meet anyone at the address, we will either take the parcel to a ParcelShop for your pick up or return it to our depot. In both cases, we inform your customer about this.

Parcels to be delivered at the home address may weigh maximum 30 kg and must stay within our minimum and maximum parcel sizes

Delivery to a ParcelShop is the most popular choice amongst our private recipients at GLS. Our 1,700 PacelShops ensures that there is always a ParcelShop nearby. And with our integrated solution for your webshop, it is easy and simple to search for the correct ParcelShop during the ordering process.

We will send your customer a text message and email, when the parcel is ready to be picked up. It is important that you provide us with both the email adress and phone number of your recipient, to ensure that your customer gets the best delivery experience.

Parcels for ParcelShops must not excede 20 kg, and has to stay within our minimum and maximum measurements.

Distribution on Saturdays

GLS delivers to all ParcelShops in Denmark, that are open on Saturdays. We also take return parcels with us, from the visited ParcelShops. This ensures that your parcel will arrive at your recipient even faster.

We have crated a clever return solution, that makes it easy for your customers to return parcels to you. By offering a return solution via our 1,700 ParcelShops, it is fast and easy to reurn parcels, no matter where in Denmark your customer is located.

We have also made it easy for you as the sender, to create a good return experience. You can choose between having a printed returnlabel enclosed in your parcel, or you can choose to send a return label as a PDF, if your customer contacts you, wanting to return a parcel.