Fuel surcharge, capacity fee and road tax

GLS Denmark charges a fuel surcharge as oil prices are of great importance for transport prices and thus also for the cost of parcel distribution. We also charge a capacity fee to ensure that we can deliver the same service and high quality, in a time with increased market demand for transport and a lack of workforce.

Information on the fuel- and capacity surcharges are presented separately and transparently in GLS' invoices.

Fuel surcharge

The fuel surcharge is adjusted each month based on the last months oil prices. The lower limit for the fuel surcharge on national parcels is 10%, international parcels 20% and other services 10%.

MonthNational parcelsInternational parcelsAdditional services
December 202312,04 %24,08 %13,04 %
November 202312,65 %25,30 %13,65 %

Capacity fee

The continued market growth has led to an increased need of transport, which puts an extraordinary high pressure on our capacity, especially the lack of drivers and equipment in the market. To deliver with the same high quality as always, we charge a capacity fee.

December 20233.7%
November 20223.7%

Information on German road tax

In Germany, the government has levied a road tax for a number of federal roads. This means that all transports to and from Germany are charged with this tax.

GLS Denmark passes on this tax for parcels transported via Germany. The current amount of tax is DKK 1.81 per parcel and will be invoiced separately in invoices.