Get your parcels delivered when you're not home

With an authorisation sign, you can choose flexibility in your everyday life, by allowing us to deliver parcels to your address, even when you are not available to sign for the parcels.

You can issue the release authorisation in two ways:

- Permanent release authorisation

- One-off authorisation

Please be aware that the authorisation accounts for the entire household, and that this delivery type is not suited for apartment buildings or buildings with doorphones.

flexible home delivery gls parcel flexible home delivery gls parcel

Permanent release authorisation

You can order a permanent signature release authorisation for GLS parcels. Use our online portal and sign up for this practical solution and make your everyday life easier.

Use your MitID/NemID to give permission for GLS to deliver the parcel without a receipt. Follow three steps and your GLS parcel will be delivered to your address - easily and quickly.

- You order a GLS permanent release authorisation online.

- GLS sends you a release authorisation sign, which you hang up at the agreed place.

- GLS delivers future parcels to you at the agreed location - even if you are not at home.

One off home delivery authorisation One off home delivery authorisation

One off authorisation

It is easy to issue a one off authorisation to GLS. You can do so in two ways:

- Using a piece of paper, which you hang available for our driver. Your name and signature, the date and the parcel no. must be applied on the authorisation.

- Use the button below and contact us, when the parcel is in our care.


When you have issued a release authorisation for GLS, we consider the parcel to be delivered correctly, when the driver has placed the parcel at the defined location.
This type of delivery is not suitable for apartments.