Is your customer waiting for a critical spare part, life-saving medication or confidential documents? GLS Express is the direct route from A to B when you need your national shipment to arrive today. Whether you want just one booking or a fixed deal, we have a solution for you, your needs and your deadline.

And best of all? You can book your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you urgently need an express delivery, you can book your shipment now by calling us on 70 22 70 22.

Are your goods going abroad? With local expertise and global reach, we can also deliver your international shipments to the world's major business centres in just 24-48 hours.
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Order courier and express services

If you need to move quickly or require special transport, you can already order courier services with GLS Express here:

Order express deliveries

Is Express the right choice for you?

Not sure when to send your goods by express? GLS Express is relevant for you who experience the following:

Your shipment is urgent

At GLS, more than 98% of all parcels are delivered the day after we collect them from our customers. But if your parcel is very time-critical, with Express we can deliver your shipment the same day. Not only that, but we can collect your parcels up to 30 minutes after you book an Express collection.

You need to ship fragile goods

Does your shipment contain fragile items that require extra care but still need to arrive quickly?

At Express, we have the experience to move anything. That's why we can also help you if you need to transport particularly valuable or sensitive goods.

The consignment contains confidential documents

At GLS Express, we have trained drivers who understand the importance of your shipment's security.

The shipment cannot be sent with GLS Parcel

When your package exceeds the maximum weight for regular parcel delivery with GLS, Express is ready to help you. Whatever the weight, shape or size, we'll find a solution just for you.

If you don't think you need to send with Express, we of course also offer a wide range of solutions for those who simply want to send parcels with GLS.