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Two delivery options are now mandatory for e-commerce

Tips for senders: sending parcels safely despite coronavirus

Parcel senders can help to protect the health of all concerned as well as possible even during the coronavirus pandemic.

GLS recommends contactless delivery

For the best possible protection of the recipients’ and delivery drivers’ health, GLS recommends contactless delivery.

Caution: GLS Belgium warns online sellers of recurring phishing attempts

GLS Belgium has detected increased phishing activities: criminals are trying to obtain confidential information like bank account details through a fake GLS website.

Estafeta becomes GLS partner in Mexico

The GLS Group has expanded its commitment on the American continent with a new partnership. From June 2019, Estafeta will deliver GLS consignments in Mexico and, in a second step, will feed parcels for Europe and North America into the GLS network.

GLS Belgium achieves GDP certification

High standards of quality, safety and hygiene: The GDP certification allows GLS the transport of non-temperature-controlled medicinal products. The ISO certificates for quality and environmental management have been renewed.