GLS driver is loading a pallet in his truck

How does a standard freight delivery work?

GLS delivers freight shipments, from single pallets to groupage mixed with pallets, reliably and safely.

GLS trucks on the GLS parking lot

Awaiting a large shipment?

For larger or heavy freight shipments, GLS Freight Solution will contact you to make an appointment before the delivery.

GLS truck loading merchandise from a warehouse

What if no one's present for the delivery ?

If nobody is present at the time of delivery, a second delivery attempt will be undertaken.

GLS driver leaves a notification card

GLS left me a notification card

On the notification card you'll find the barcode. Use this number when contacting our services.

GLS driver delivers with a signature release authorisation

Signature release authorisation

Allow us to deliver your parcel at an agreed location, even when you’re not at home, e.g. in your garage or on your patio.

A sunny day at the GLS depot

Revoke a release authorisation

You can revoke a release authorisation at any time by sending an informal letter containing your signature to your GLS depot.

GLS trailers crossing over a bridge GLS trailers crossing over a bridge

Delivery and transport times

Le délai de livraison est de 24 heures dans le Benelux et de 48 à 96 heures pour les autres destinations européennes.