You choose - we deliver

You decide on date, site and many others.

Choose and adapt the delivery based on your wish. Even before the parcel starts its way to you. GLS offers its large range of delivery options.

Delivery options are available as soon as you receive an e-mail or SMS message with information on your parcel from GLS.

With its second e-mail or SMS message GLS informs when your order is expected to be delivered and you are informed on three-hours timeframe. You can check whether anybody will be at the site to take over the parcel.

If this is not the case and you miss the first delivery attempt you can also use various delivery options. You receive an e-mail or SMS message with a link to directly opt for a delivery option of your parcel. With the second delivery attempt you can choose the most suitable way of the parcel take-over.

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Timed delivery options

Delivery at the same address at given date
Delivery at a new address
Delivery at collection site of GLS Parcel Shop
Delivery to GLS Parcel Locker
Collection in GLS depot
Parcel take-over refusal
Choose the delivery date by deliveryman in the city

Choose the delivery date

You can define an exact date. You can choose from four business days following the expected delivery date. Just click on the option New delivery date and confirm. GLS parcel will be delivered on given day.

Set a new address of delivery with your courier GLS

Set a new address

The parcel can be delivered at a different address than originally stated in the order. For example, you can set your workplace address, address of your neighbor or family member who will be at home in given time. Choose the option New delivery address, set a new address and confirm. GLS immediately redirects your parcel.

GLS courier with parcels

Refuse to accept parcel

You can refuse to receive the parcel also on-line. This option can be used in case when you have not ordered the goods or you have changed your mind and do not want the goods. Just click on the option Refuse and confirm. GLS transports the goods back to the sender.

Delivery to a GLS Parcel Shop

Delivery to a GLS Parcel Shop

You can choose also GLS Parcel Shop and have the parcel to be delivered there. There is always a person in the shop who can take over the parcel. Choose GLS Parcel Shop directly on-line, for example a shop that is on your way to your work.

GLS Parcel Shop has its opening hours that go towards clients and you can collect your parcel when it fits best to you. If you are left for several days, they can store your parcel for five business days. Simply click on the option Delivery to GLS Parcel Shop and choose the suitable shop and confirm. GLS redirects the parcel and delivers it to required Parcel Shop.

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GLS female courier with parcels on the street

Delivery to GLS Parcel Locker

In GLS Parcel Locker your parcel is available for collection anytime during the whole day. As soon as it is delivered to GLS Parcel Locker, you receive an access code in SMS message or an e-mail. GLS Parcel Lockers are firmly built, with several levels of security and safeguard. They are situation at sites with high traffic of people, for example in large supermarkets or at fuel stations. Simply click on the option “Delivery to GLS Parcel Lockers”, choose a GLS Parcel Locker and confirm. GLS puts the parcel in chosen Parcel Locker where it can be stored for next three business days. This option is available also for cash-on-delivery parcels.

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Delivery to a GLS Depot

Collection of a parcel in GLS depot

You can choose and collect the parcel in GLS depot in person. Thus the parcel remains in depot with your address and you can collect it there in next five business days. After this period expiration the parcel is returned to the sender. Just click on the option Personal collection in a GLS depot and confirm. GLS stores securely your parcel there.

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