The GLS Group is one of the largest self-reliant parcel services providers in Europe. It also operates throughout wholly-owned subsidiaries in Canada and on the West Coast of the USA, which serve over 40 countries and enable the GLS Group to deliver smoothly and reliably throughout the globe. Giving you the option to choose which service suits you best.

Wherever you are, we're right there with you. With Europe's largest road-based parcel network GLS delivers your goods, no matter the distance!

Customized solutions for every need – at GLS we're committed to delivering the best option for both B2B and B2C customers alike!

Across big borders and small towns, GLS delivers with precision - fast domestic deliveries within an average lead time of 24 hours and cross-border shipments arriving in just 48 hours on average. We're always on the spot to get your parcels where they need to be!

Covering almost every country in Europe, Canada and Western USA.


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