Environmental protection

At GLS, we care about our effect on the world around us. Every parcel and its related logistics and transport processes have an impact on natural resources and cause carbon emissions. We want to continue our mission in connecting people around the world whilst protecting the environment for future generations. Therefore, climate and environmental protection are central components of our sustainability activities.

We launched our group-wide environmental strategy Climate Protect, aiming to maximise our impact on environmental protection and ensure that knowledge and efforts are shared and executed across our entire international network.

In addition, a compensation program is available in participating GLS companies. Carbon emissions caused by the transportation of parcels and freight shipments, as well as the carbon emissions from buildings and business travel of such companies are voluntary offset. Read more about the compensation program here .

At the end of 2023, GLS Group committed to setting near-term and long-term science-based targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across its operations in line with the Science Based Targets initiative. Read more about our commitment here .

Climate Protect measures

GLS Group has been actively seeking and implementing ways to reduce our environmental impact, as have our local transport partners.

Electrifying our fleet
We are electrifying our fleet. Different electric vehicles are used within the Group, such as electric vans, bikes and trucks. In addition, we also test alternative fuels and hydrogen.
Implementing alternative parcel delivery solutions
We install parcel lockers and open parcel shops, deliver parcels with walkers and test alternative delivery options.
Usage of green electricity
We are increasingly purchasing green electricity and installing solar panels on our buildings. Thus, 80% of GLS-operated sites already use green electricity.
Future-proofing our buildings
We are converting fossil heating systems to electric heat pumps to reduce carbon emissions of our buildings and we are installing charging infrastructure at our sites.

Local investments supporting environmental protection

Compensation projects supported by GLS

Participating GLS companies are also compensating for their carbon emissions. We work with ClimatePartner to offset carbon emissions caused by the transportation of parcels and freight shipments as well as carbon emissions from buildings and business travel of these companies. Together with ClimatePartner , we have offset more than 1.9 million tons of emissions from October 2021 to March 2024. For futher information on the compensation program, please click here.

The supported climate protection projects protect the rainforest in Brazil and Peru and promote the expansion of renewable energies in India. These projects make an important contribution in several dimensions, as they preserve biodiversity, expand local infrastructures and create workplaces. In addition, each project contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Read more about the projects we support below.


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