Sisterhood and collaboration drive success

Søstrene Grene has a unique universe that customers fall in love with. Classical music plays in the stores, and many visit because it's cosy and because they want to see what Søstrene Grene is up to.

This also applies online. In 2020, they opened their first webshop with a focus on bringing the Sisterhood to life and inspiring their customers. GLS has been part of the journey ever since.

In 2022, Søstrene Grene had almost 23 million unique users across markets, and on the busiest day in the webshop, more than 80,000 products were packed.


We chose GLS for the Danish market as we see them as a large, strong, and serious player with a good reputation.

Mikkel Grene, CEO & Co-Owner at Søstrene Grene

Mikkel Grene elaborates:

We chose GLS as we considered them to be the best in the Danish market.

GLS has a high level of service, a customer service that responds quickly and a strong delivery reliability of more than 99 %. This ensures that when GLS picks up our shipments, the parcels arrive very quickly in the GLS ParcelShop or at the customer's home.

When we choose our business partners, we naturally emphasise reputation, competencies, quality and price. But it's actually just as important that there is a cultural match, where we share overall goals and values. That we think alike, that we have good chemistry, and that we solve the challenges that arise and treat each other fairly and properly.

And with decency and responsibility high on the agenda at Søstrene Grene, it is crucial to find partners who focus on responsibility and sustainability as well.

Products from Søstrene Grene

Once we have delivered our shipments to GLS, the parcels arrive very quickly in the ParcelShop or at the customer's home.

Mikkel Grene, CEO & Co-Owner at Søstrene Grene

When Mikkel Grene took over as CEO in 2012, the task was to start the growth journey and professionalise Søstrene Grene.

Since then, turnover has increased almost tenfold, they have E-commerce in six countries and are planning to add eight more countries by the end of 2023.

Soestrene Grene collaborates with strong partners

We wouldn't have succeeded with all of this in such a relatively short time if it wasn't for the fact that we have strong partners.

Mikkel Grene, CEO & Co-Owner at Søstrene Grene

Why Søstrene Grene sends their parcels with GLS:


23 million unique users across markets require reliable, flexible and solution-orientated partners with a high delivery performance when orders come in.

Strong cultural and value match

When Søstrene Grene chooses business partners, good chemistry and a cultural match are important. It's crucial to find partners who share their focus on responsibility and sustainability.

Good reputation

The need for a large, strong and serious partner with a good reputation in the Danish market made Søstrene Grene choose GLS.

High level of service

With a 99 % delivery reliability and a customer service that responds quickly, Søstrene Grene is confident of always delivering the highest quality to their Danish customers.

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