GLS delivers the parcel on the consignee's private address. Before the delivery takes place, the consignee receives a delivery time and date from GLS. If the time or date doesn't fit, the consignee has the opportunity to redirect the parcel during the delivery.

The FlexDeliveryService is part of PrivateDelivery. If senders book PrivateDelivery the recipient can choose between the these delivery options:

  • Delivery to a GLS ParcelShop of the consignee's choice.
  • Deposition on the address at an agreed place. The consignee signs a signature release authorisation via the notification email.
  • Delivery to a new address of the consignee's choice
  • Delivery to the original address on a new date*.
  • Delivery to a GLS Depot*.

*This option is only available once GLS has received the parcel.

All options are available for parcels sent to addresses in Denmark.
Parcels sent to a private address can weigh up to 30 kg.
Parcels sent to a private address weighing more than 20 kg cannot be redirected to a GLS ParcelShop.