Environmental efforts

GLS is aware that we affect our climate, which is why we constantly work on minimizing our negative impact, with the focus of balance between social, environmental and economic sustainability.

Climate Protect

Our effort to deliver your parcels in the most environmentally friendly way is built on 2 principles:

• We constantly reduce our emissions

• We compensate when reduction isn't an option.

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Reduction of CO2 emissions

We always strive to reduce our environmental impact. Read more about the initiatives, that will pave the way for us becoming CO2-neutral.

Our completed initiatives

certified windmill energy GLS

100% certified energy from windmills

At GLS Denmark we exclusively use 100% certified sustainable energy at all our locations.

The certification given by Ørsted, guarantees that an equivalent ammount of sustainable energy compared to the consumed by GLS Denmark, is produced by European windmills.

Charging stations at GLS depot

Charging stations at our depots

More than half of our depots now have charging stations, so we are ready to delivery more parcels with electric vans.

The goal is that all depots will have charging stations accesible in the near future.

electric bikes parked at GLS depot

Electric bicycles and vans

You can find both electric bikes and vans delivering parcels for GLS.

In Copenhagen, 12 new electric cars are distribution parcels to privates, while our Express-department delivers express-parcels by bike in Copenhagen and Aalborg.


Initatives in progress

Decarbonization of our fleet

We are constantly increasing the number of electric, gas and hybrid vehicles while demanding the highest Euronorm for our diesel vehicles.

Minimizing consumption at our locations
Our buildings are optimized

By always optimizing our buildings, their heating sources, ventilation and much more, we always use state of the art technologies to reduce our consumption. Furthermore, 3 of our depots have solar cells on their roofs.

Optimization of our parcel routes
Your parcel is delivered with care

Every single GLS parcel is delivered with care. We reduce our parcel handlings, optimize our routes, minimize surplus space in our vehicles and idling is kept at a bare minimum. These are just some of the ways, we reduce our environmental impact.



Electric cars in our distribution 56
Own charging points 55
Electric bicycles 8

Climate compensation

Unfortunately, it isn't possible to remove all activities with a negative environmental impact. Which is why we have chosen to compensate for what we can't reduce. At GLS Denmark we compensate for our total CO2-emissions.

About Climate Protect

We care about our climate and as a parcel distributor we do our best to reduce our carbon footprint.

This applies to all european GLS countries. Which is why we have joined forces and created the intiaitive Climate Protect, where we share experiences and work together to reduce our carbon footprint.

Climateprotect GLS

Climate compensation is a way of equalizing the CO2-emissions produced by handling and shipping parcels. By supporting climate projects that reduce CO2 around the world, we can thereby compensate for our produced CO2 emissions.

Climate compensation can never stand alone, but is a supplement to our general CO2-reductions. Until it is technologically possible to not emit CO2 by sorting and transporting parcels, we have chosen to compensate in the places that we can't yet reduce.

We care about the world we all live in. We have invested in electric cars, buy certified power from windmills and optimize our energy consumption anywhere possible. It is not possible to reduce all CO2 emissions, if we still want to deliver your parcels. That is why we have chosen to compensate for the emissions that we can't yet reduce.

We support a number of certified climate-projects around the world through our partner, ClimatePartner.

Sustainable energy, clean water, protection of forrests and less plastic in the ocean is just a handful of the projects we support through ClimatePartner.

At GLS, we are aware that we have an impact on the environment. Across the entire GLS Group, we work on minimizing our impact. Read our guidelines for minimizing our environmental impact at GLS Group.

Read our environmental guideline

ReThink is an initiative from GLS Denmark, with the aim of rethinking big and small solutions in relation to how they affect the environment and how we can make a difference.

These elements are taken into account in both major and minor decisions. When we engage in sponsorship agreements, purchase Christmas gifts for our employees or focus on sustainability in the distribution of promotional gifts to our customers.