We are convinced...

... that sustainable economic success can and must only be achieved in harmony with the protection of the environment for existing and future generations and the safeguarding of human rights.

With the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG) coming into force on January 1, 2023, the protection of human rights and environmental protection in our own business area and in particular along our supply chains have moved further into the focus of our corporate activities.

Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations and adherence to our own ethical standards are of great importance to us wherever we do business as GLS.

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Our standards

Irrespective of specific legislation, the GLS Group adheres to certain fundamental ethical standards:

Human rights

We support and respect international human rights.

Against forced labour

We follow a ZeroTolerance Policy concerning forced and compulsory labour as well as child labour.


We respect diversity in terms of ethnic background and nationality, social background, gender and gender identity, religion and worldview, age, physical and mental abilities and sexual orientation.

Environmental responsibility

We promote environmental responsibility and strive to conserve resources and reduce all emissions through our business activities.

Against corruption

We follow a ZeroTolerance Policy regarding corruption of any form.

Policy Statement

on Respect for Human Rights and the Environment

Our policy statement is available for download here (in German).

Policy Statement

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Sustainability and responsibility

We understand sustainability holistically. Here you can find out in more detail how we at GLS bring the topics of sustainability and social responsibility to life.

Complaints Procedure

You can use or informant system to inform us about human rights or environment-related risks or violations in our supply chain.

Complaints procedure

The Rules of Procedure provide you with comprehensive information on our complaints procedure.

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Our GLS Code of Conduct and further information on the topic of compliance can be found here.

Reports on German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

Here you can download our annual LkSG report

Our cooperation with EcoVadis

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... is a leading global rating company in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The cooperation supports GLS to further improve our sustainability performance and to align our sustainability management in the supply chain for the future.

Our cooperation with EcoVadis is based on two pillars:

EcoVadis Silver Status

We are a proud bearer of the EcoVadis Silver Status - thus being among the top 7% of companies in the postal, courier and freight transport industry assessed by EcoVadis within the Environmental category - an award which enables us to demonstrate a high level of sustainability commitment to our customers, partners and the public.

Go to the EcoVadis certificate

Sustainable supply chains with EcoVadis IQ

We use EcoVadis IQ to gradually bring transparency to our supply chains. Our suppliers can thus participate in a holistic approach to make our supply chain sustainable. Through specially developed questionnaires and independent research by EcoVadis, we can jointly minimize risks.

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Social responsibility

For us, sustainability also means taking on social responsibility - by doing our bit for people and society. You can find out more about this here.

GLS' environmental protection

We are committed to environmental protection. This includes responsible handling of resources and the reduction of emissions.

Our certifications

With the certifications of our environmental and quality management, our voluntary commitment in EcoVadis, the GPD certification and much more, we meet international standards and disclose environmental data.