Dispatch systems

Parcels on the sorting conveyor belt at the GLS Hub Parcels on the sorting conveyor belt at the GLS Hub

Modern and scaleable solutions

GLS customers have access to state-of-the-art and standardised yet adaptable dispatch systems for all requirements. From 1 to 1000 parcels a day, we have a system that fits your needs.

How many parcels a day do you want to ship?

Up to 30 parcels a day
YourGLS: Online dispatching

Your GLS is the password-protected web portal of GLS – with all the tools you need to dispatch your parcels quickly and easily. Users can log into it by going to the Your GLS section on the website. No additional software is needed.

Quick access to the web portal: Anyone wishing to sends parcels occasionally can use GLS-ONE. Simply register online and start sending parcels immediately.

Your GLS complete: Bulk dispatchers can have their own personal Your GLS account with enhanced functionalities. Ask GLS about this.

Up to 100 parcels a day
UniBox: Fully automatic data communication with GLS

Uni-Box is a server for managing all aspects of the dispatch process, including label printing and information transmission to GLS. Uni-Box ensures that parcel-related data is available in full and at all times.

The Linux-based system is linked to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system via defined interfaces. It "routes" your parcels directly to the correct delivery tour and enables bilateral parcel data transfer.

Up to 200 parcels a day
UniShip: Independent dispatch preparation

With Uni-Ship you generate the 2D barcode you need for dispatch with GLS yourself. It can then, for example, be printed directly onto the delivery note, so that no additional GLS parcel label is required.

GLS scans the code in the depot, and the data is transferred to the GLS system.

This solution does not require an ERP system

Up to 1000 parcels a day
UniConnect: Efficient interfacing with GLS IT systems

Uni-Connect is a software program that enables order information and customer data to be imported in full and parcel labels to be issued automatically. Alternatively, you can enter your own customer identification numbers manually. Parcel data is transferred directly to the GLS system.

The software is installed on your Windows-based computer and integrated into the existing IT infrastructure. No programming is required for this.

This solution does not require an ERP system

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