Shipping information

Using parcel labels

Consignors who only send small volumes of parcels have several options when it comes to the dispatch method.

They can either bring their parcels to a GLS ParcelShop to have them labelled and sent there, or they can print the label in advance – either at home or in the office – using GLS-ONE.

Customer digitally signs for his GLS parcel from a delivery driver

Sending parcels from a GLS ParcelShop

Cash-sale parcel label: The parcel label is completed in the GLS ParcelShop. It serves as an address label and receipt for the sender and ParcelShop. All parcel label fields must be filled in with clearly legible block letters or be machine-printed. Receipt must be signed.
“ParcelShop” mini parcel label: The mini-parcel label is used in addition to the cash-sale parcel label. The printed bar code and the parcel number ensure that a parcel is uniquely identifiable, including for service-request purposes. The detachable sections of the mini-parcel label are attached to the sender’s receipt and the ParcelShop manager’s copy.
Size-category sticker: This label is used to indicate a parcel’s size (XS to XL).

Customer logs onto YourGLS while sitting at home

Online dispatch preparation

GLS-ONE parcel label: The dispatch label is printed with GLS-ONE. It includes the parcel number and size category. If a parcel is handed over in a ParcelShop, the ParcelShop ID number is added to the label and the delivery confirmation is signed. If the consignor books a collection, the driver signs for the parcel on collection.


Packaging guidelines

Proper preparation of your parcel will ensure its safe arrival at its destination. If you're not sure about how to pack your parcel, see our packaging guidelines.

Packaging guidelines

Size and weight

GLS sorts parcels in distribution centres using automated sorting systems. This allows it to deliver parcels quickly and economically. Parcels are not allowed to exceed certain dimensions so that they move smoothly on the conveyor belts. There is also an upper weight limit.

Height60 centimetres
Width80 centimetres
Length200 centimetres
Weight (within Republic of Ireland)30 kilograms
Weight (abroad)30 kilograms

The combined length and girth of a parcel can be up to three meters. It is calculated as 1x longest side plus 2x height plus 2x width.

Sending parcels within the EU

Occasional senders can send their parcels with GLS to 40 countries in the European Union. Deliveries across the country usually take less than 24 hours. Consignments throughout Europe arrive within standard delivery times of 48 to 96 hours.

Destination countryNumber of days
Czech Republic4
Great Britain2-3
Northern Ireland1

Extra day may apply for parcels to remote areas.

Andorra, Ceuta, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Greece, Livigno, Malta, Melilla, San Marino, the town of Büsingen am Hochrhein (Postcode: D-78266) and all European islands (except Great Britain and Ireland) are excluded from EU delivery via ParcelShop or GLS-ONE.