Returns, feedback and claims

If you need to return a shipment you have received or want to leave feedback or file a claim, you will find the necessary information below.


If you want to return a shipment that you received via GLS, such as an online order, you must first check with the sender for their return policy. You can find information about the return policies of online retailers on their websites. GLS does not decide and cannot influence the return policies of its senders. You should always check the shipment-specific return policy of the sender before you return goods. GLS is not the original sender of the shipments and does not accept return shipments sent to the GLS address without a separate agreement.

Gls driver collects parcels from warehouse

Shipment return arranged by the original sender

Some senders offer the option of a return organised by them, either for a fee or free of charge. In this case, you must contact the sender and follow their return instructions. If the return shipment is delivered via GLS, you will receive the necessary instructions.

GLS driver picks up a parcel from a customer in shop

Shipment return arranged by the original recipient

If the sender requires you to arrange the return shipment or you want to arrange it yourself, you can use the online service to create a return shipment at your ownexpense. You can pay for the shipping by most common online payment methods. Such a shipment complies with normal delivery terms available on the website, and GLS cannot guarantee that the recipient will accept the return or refund any monies paid with respect to your original order.



We welcome feedback and development suggestions regarding our shipments. You can send feedback and development suggestions by email to
All feedback is read but may not be answered unless you have explicitly requested that we contact you. If your feedback relates to a specific shipment, including the shipping number will help us deal with your feedback.

GLS customer service


If you wish to make a claim for a product ordered from an online store, shipped by GLS, the complaint must be addressed to the seller of the product. We recommend you to photograph the parcel and send the pictures to the sender. Save all packaging - both internal and external - until the claim has been solved.

If you have purchased shipping directly from GLS Finland, a possible claim can be sent by email. If necessary, we will also advise on the information required for the claim or ask for further information. Please contact us within five working days from delivery in order to report it in time.

In the event of an error in the shipping of a product, the claim shall be handled by GLS and the seller with respect to the shipping. A claim must also be addressed to the original seller if the shipping was purchased via a third party.