Delivery to business

GLS covers all of Denmark and delivers to business addresses on weekdays. Both when the parcels are to be delivered or returned. Or when it on a rare occasion needs to go faster than normal.

Delivery to businesses

GLS delivers nationwide parcel distribution of highest quality. Both in Denmark and outside Denmark. With standard delivery times per country you can easily match delivery expectations with your customer and ensure the best customer experience.

Once the parcel is send to your customer, you can trace the parcel along the way in your GLS system and you will of course receive a receipt when the parcel is delivered.

If your customer in Denmark is not available to accept the parcel, you can send it as a delivery without receipt. In that case, we will place the parcel at the agreed location without receipt on your responsibility. Please note that this form of delivery is not suitable for storey properties.

If your customer abroad is not available, we either take the parcel back to the depot or deliver it to a nearby delivery point. Your customer will receive information about this.

Parcels for businesses may weigh maximum 30 kg and must stay within our minimum and maximum parcel sizes.

Return of your goods

Optimize your return flow by managing the return process for your business customers. At your order, GLS can pick up the parcel at your customers and send it back to you or to another business address of your choice.

The pick up address does not have to be in Denmark. You can enter a business address within the GLS Network in Denmark or the rest of Europe. Except: Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

When you book the order before 4.00 pm, we will pick up the parcel the following work day or the work day you want. You manage the entire order in your GLS system.

We will print the label and collect the parcel for you. You have full control over your costs and can easily update your inventory upon receipt of the returns.

When faster delivery is needed

If you need an earlier delivery to your customer, you can opt for delivery before 10.00 am or before 12.00 am. We deliver the parcel the following work day to all of Denmark - except non-bridged islands.

This type of delivery is especially attractive if your customer needs spare parts or goods for an event. You can follow your parcel on the way to the recipient and of course get the receipt for the delivery.

Get an offer

If you find the above suitable for your business, please contact us to get an offer.

We need some information from you to calculate the optimal price and therefore ask you to fill out the form you find here.

Special solutions

When you have a transport that does not fit into standard parcel distribution, GLS Express may well help anyway.

We have the possibility to tailor a setup that fits your needs exactly.