Requirements to become a GLS Parcel Shop

Your CVR number must be linked to a NemKonto

It is a requirement that your company has a Danish business account (NemKonto). This NemKonto must be linked to your CVR number.

Without this, we will not be able to settle your business at the end of the month.

It is your bank that must link your CVR to your company's NemKonto.

You are not closed on these days

It is a requirement that there are no holiday closures from mid-November through the end of December (Dec 24-31 is an exception.)

You have at least one employee

It is important that you have at least one employee so the Parcel Shop can stay open in case of illness, etc.

You have the storage space to handle a minimum of 100 packages per day

In order to provide a good service to senders and consigness, it is important that you can handle at least 100 GLS parcels per day.