We support social projects

... because we care about perople.

We are commited to various projects for people who are in need of help. The regional and local campaigns that we support include free parcel transport or support for organisations and institutions. On a local level, support is often given to clubs, kindergartens, schools, hospitals and hospices.

Appreciation, respect and understanding are among our most important principles of cooperation.

GLS donation fire in Neuenstein-Aua

Shortly before Christmas, a family from Neuenstein-Aua lost their home in a tragic fire. As a company that has been based in Neuenstein for more than 30 years and has close ties with the township, it was a matter close to our hearts to help out here.

We would like to thank the "Kirchenkreisamt Bad Hersfeld" for the donation initiative that was specially set up and support the affected family with a donation of 2,000 euros.

GLS North Region donates Christmas cheer to important institutions in the region

GLS donation to the "DLRG Tornesch"

GLS depot Tornesch

donated 2,000 Euros to "Deutsche Lebens-Rettungs-Gesellschaft Landesverband Schleswig-Holstein Pinneberg".

Pictured: Sascha Burow (GLS), Laura Roschmann, Andrea Landemacher-Sander and Roland Wiebicke (all DLRG)

GLS-Spende an das Kinderhospiz Wilhelmshaven

GLS depot Oldenburg

donated 2,000 Euros to the "Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Joshuas Engelreich Wilhelmshaven".

Pictured: Bianca Heins (Hospice), Andrea Schütte and Harald Oetken (both GLS)

GLS donation to "Ambulanter Kinderhospizdienst Jona"

GLS depot Bremen

donated 2,100 Euros to "Ambulanter Kinderhospizdienst Jona".

Pictured: Jens Armenat, Lars Schröder (both GLS), Monika Mörsch and Manfred Meyer (both Kinderhospizdienst Jona)

GLS donation to "Osnabrücker Hospiz"

GLS depot Osnabrück

donated 2,000 Euros to "Osnabrücker Hospiz".

Pictured: Anika Vartmann (Hospice) and Detlef Spindler (GLS)

GLS donation to "Kinderkrebsstation der Medizinischen Hochschule Hannover"

GLS depot Hannover

donated 3,000 Euros to "Kinderkrebsstation der Medizinischen Hochschule Hannover".

Pictured: Lasse Nehring, Torsten Knoche (both GLS), Frederike Ludwig-Lück (Med. Hochschule)

GLS donation to "Ambulanter Kinder- und Jugendhospizdienst Kassel/Nordhessen"

GLS depot Guxhagen

donated 2,100 Euros to "Ambulanter Kinder- und Jugendhospizdienst Kassel/ Nordhessen".

Pictured: Marcel Hagemann (GLS) and Elisabeth Klein (Hospice)

GLS donation to "Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Bethel"

GLS depot Bielefeld

donated 3,700 Euros to "Kinder- und Jugendhospiz Bethel".

Pictured: André Rudolph, Arne Rauch, Levent Cayiroglu (all GLS) and René Mistrell (Hospice)

In addition ...

donations from GLS depot Hamburg went to the "Fördergemeinschaft Kinderkrebs-Zentrum Hamburg e. V." and from GLS depot Neumünster to "DRK Erstaufnahmeeinrichtung für Geflüchtete, Neumünster".

GLS donation Christlicher Hilfsdienst

Help in GLS parcels

This year, we provided a donation of 2,000 GLS packages for the Christmas aid campaign of Christlicher Hilfsdienst Bad Hersfeld. At their lovingly designed stand in a large local supermarket, the helpers solicited food donations, which are then packed and distributed to people in need. We are pleased about so much commitment and willingness to help, which we are happy to support.

GLS supports the Hamburg "Bio Brotbox" campaign

Make breakfast healthy with the "Bio Brotbox"

For many years, the GLS depots in Hamburg and Tornesch have supported the Hamburg "Bio Brotbox" campaign. This year we delivered around 16,000 boxes in 300 packages to Hamburg's schools. Thousands of children were happy to receive a healthy breakfast in cool, reusable boxes.

The day before, colleagues from the two depots supported the packing campaign, where the boxes were filled with the delicious ingredients by volunteers and loaded into the GLS delivery vehicles.

GLS and VFFN 2003 e.V. at the symbolic donation handover GLS and VFFN 2003 e.V. at the symbolic donation handover

Congratulations to the winners of our donation contest

In the GLS donation contest, sports clubs from our region could apply for a donation.

The first prize went to the "Verein zur Förderung des Fußballsports" VFFN 2003 e.V., Neuenstein. At the symbolic handover of the donation at the GLS head office, (from left) Sabrina Arnold, Marcus Schäfer and Reiner Emmerich celebrated GLS' support of 2,500 euros together with Patricia Bickel. VFFN intends to invest the money primarily in supporting children and young people.

Other winners of the GLS Donation Contest were "Mansbacher Turnverein" and "TSV Kerspenhausen" which received donations of 1,500 and 1,000 euros respectively.

We say "Congratulations"!

Our trainees stand up for their environment

The trainees at the GLS head office in Neuenstein had a great idea for a better environment. Together with some of their trainers, they set up a rubbish collection campaign and collected rubbish from various places in the Neuenstein community one afternoon.

We are pleased about so much commitment and passion in the sense of sustainability and were happy to give the trainees time off from work that afternoon.

Thanks for this great action!

GLS&DLV_men with bottles_DHM22_Foto_bheller
GLS&DLV_award ceremony_DHM22_Foto_bheller
GLS&DLV_competition women_DHM22_Foto_bheller
GLS&DLV_athlete in front of band_DHM22_Foto_bheller
GLS Germany CEO Karl Pfaff with donation for Urkraine

How we support people in Ukraine

In order to help the people affected by the war in Ukraine, we organised a number of aid transports to Ukraine together with long-standing partner companies. In addition, a donation totalling 55,415 euros was made to the DRK-Bundesverband in Berlin. 5,415 euros of this were collected in a fundraising campaign among our employees.

GLS donation for the children's fire department

We support the local fire brigades

The GLS head office in Neuenstein is an official "Partner of the Fire Brigade". 13 colleagues are released from work at any time for fire brigade missions. In this way, they help the Neuenstein fire brigade to ensure operational readiness for the day.

As part of our local commitment and as an official partner of the fire brigade, we also support young firefighters. Members of the children's fire departments in the Hersfeld-Rotenburg district received a donation of 700 T-shirts.


Professional development

We support the development of young employees with a sound and practically relevant training programme. In Germany, for example, we are training CEP professionals, IT professionals, office communication professionals and IT system integration experts.

A dual study course in logistics management and business informatics is offered in conjunction with universities of applied science. The professional development portfolio is rounded off with an in-house business management programme.

People of different ethnic origin, culture or religion work at and for GLS. Appreciation, respect and understanding in dealing with employees and partners are among the important principles. Thus, personnel development and intensive exchange with transport partners are among the most important building blocks in our company's sustained success.

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Industry winner in BEST RECRUITERS study

In the Best-Recruiters study of the "career Institut & Verlag", GLS Germany was awarded as winner in the service industry. Among the companies tested, we took first place again and received the Best-Recruiters seal in gold.

kununu TOP COMPANY seal for GLS

kununu TOP COMPANY seal for GLS

The leading employer rating platform has awarded GLS Germany with its TOP COMPANY seal for a high level of employee satisfaction. This status can only be achieved through good employee ratings.
Only 6 percent of the approximately 1 million companies assessed qualified for this seal. Compared with our competitors, we scored best in terms of both points and recommendations.

GLS is member of "Erfolgsfaktor Familie"

Commited to the compatibility of work and family

As a family-friendly company we are a member of the "Erfolgsfaktor Familie" network, committed to helping employees combine family and career. For this purpose, we offer, for example, individual part-time models, kindergarten subsidies or the possibility of home office.

Would you like to learn more about how we bring the "Erfolgskator Familie" to life at GLS? Take a look at our video (in German language).

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Our responsibility

We are fully aware of our special responsibility to the environment and to society - and we do a lot for it.

Sustainable shipping

We are committed to environmental protection. This includes using resources responsibly and reducing emissions.

Our sponsorships

With our sponsorships, we are primarily committed to promoting popular sport in Germany.