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GLS employs people of different ethnic backgrounds, religions or beliefs. Respect, honour and understanding - these are the most important principles of the Group.

GLS works closely with subcontractors and couriers, who play a substantial role in parcel delivery. GLS's core strategy is long-term development and the company implements developments in all business areas as part of this strategy.

For the people of today and tomorrow.

In the past financial year, there were again a variety of social activities in our national companies with which we would like to support the communities in which we operate. In the following you will find some examples from the respective countries.

GLS Croatia:

"Voluntary Blood Donation", "Run for Down", "Cleaning the Stupnik on the occasion of Earth Day", "Easter gift - Little Dragon Association"

GLS Poland:

Poland Business Run, “Mam marzenie”

GLS Czech Republic:

“On Bike for Children”, “Help me to life”

GLS Hungary:

another blood donation campaign was carried out

GLS Romania:

Association Baby Care Sibiu, Association Copil Unicat

GLS Slovakia:

"Patients SportsGames", Svetielko Nádeje civic association

GLS Slovenia:

Financially supported the rehabilitationcentre in Kováčová