Information on the Corona virus

Status January 2022

The current development of the Corona pandemic creates major challenges for all of us

For GLS, protecting the health of shippers, recipients, partners and employees is a top priority.

The entry into force of the new Infection Protection Act includes the so-called 3G regulation (recovered, vaccinated or tested) at the workplace and in operations, which we at GLS strictly comply with as required by law. This regulation has been implemented at all German GLS locations from Nov. 24th, 2021 and will be valid at least until March 19th, 2022.

We - shippers, consignees, partners and GLS - have a joint goal in facing the tightening of the Corona situation: to ensure the supply of society by keeping logistics running as smoothly as possible. Therefore, we also ask our customers and recipients for active support by complying with the Corona rules in force. We would like to thank all those who are involved for their cooperation and support.

Lockdown in the Netherlands

The complete lockdown in the Netherlands imposed on 18 December has largely ended. Most shops have reopened, but restaurants, museums, theatres and cinemas will remain closed at least until 25 January. Please note that parcels for businesses that are closed due to the lockdown and do not offer alternative delivery options must be returned.

We do everything we can to continue to ensure our high delivery quality and will keep you informed about the latest developments.


Equipping all locations and supplying all employees, transport partners and drivers with suitable disinfectant and other protective agents.


Strict implementation of the necessary hygiene measures in all areas.

No travel activity

Meetings and conferences are conducted via telephone or video.

Distribution of staff

Home office in administrative areas, otherwise spatial distribution and regular testing on site.

Contactless delivery

For our shippers and consignees we offer the possibility of contactless delivery.

Further measures

We constantly monitor relevant developments and immediately initiate necessary measures if required.

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Delivery and pickup

Contactless delivery - for your safety

For us, the protection of our customers and employees has highest priority. Your parcels should continue to be delivered safely without direct contact. With contactless delivery, the driver rings your doorbell as usual and waits until you are ready to receive the parcel. With contactless delivery, the carrier types the name of the recipient into the hand-held scanner and signs his or her name when handing over the parcel. This way, you have no contact with the hand scanner and still receive your parcel safely and contactlessly.

You cannot receive your parcel in person? Then use the drop-off permission. By issuing a drop-off permission, GLS deposits your parcels at an agreed location - for example in the garage or on the terrace.

You can also easily issue a one-time, parcel-related delivery permit online via our parcel tracking system. The delivery driver then receives a note on his hand scanner and places the parcel at the specified location.

Safety also in the GLS ParcelShops

Health and safety are also top priorities for us in the GLS ParcelShops. In addition to the necessary hygiene measures, the process for parcel drop-off and acceptance is also contactless. A signature on the smartphone is therefore not currently required. You can find all available ParcelShops near you here.

International parcel shipment

The situation in many European countries remains tense.

In general, GLS ensures the international shipment of goods:
Export and import of your parcel shipments remains available.
We will keep you informed about current changes at this point.